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$649.99 $199.99

The Headphones That Started It All -- Our first custom headphones ever, the Massdrop x AKG K7XX have been an enduring community fa...vorite since they first launched more than two years ago. Since then, they've received praise from Head-Fi, Super Best Audio Friends, Z Reviews, and more for offering a rare value in the world of open-back cans. Inspired by the legendary AKG K702 65th-anniversary edition, this rendition features the same dynamic driver technology and superior build quality--plus a few updates in the sound and comfort departments. read more

$49.99 $29.99

110 Lumens, 3 Modes, 1 AAA Battery -- Made for the EDC Community, the Massdrop Brass AAA Pocket Flashlight is about the size of a of chapstick--but it pumps out 110 lumens and casts a beam as far as 154 feet (with the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED). Despite measuring less than 3 inches long, it weighs 1.5 ounces for a substantial feel in the hand. And thanks to its solid brass construction it will develop a natural patina over time, unique to each user. Perhaps best of all, it runs on a single AAA battery for a whopping 36 hours on low mode. At checkout, choose between the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED, which casts a brighter white beam, and the Nichia 219B LED, which offers a warmer beam with superior color representation. read more

$79.99 $49.99

Entry-Level Semi-Open Headphones -- The first pair of headphones any aspiring audiophile should own, the Massdrop x AKG M220 Pros ...have it all: reference sound, comfortable fit, and a price that makes them the best value in full-size headphones today. Inspired by the renowned AKG K240 Studio, they feature the same 30-millimeter dynamic drivers and semi-open design. For comfort during long studio sessions, they have a lightweight, flexible frame and self-adjusting suspension headband. And for more casual use, they pair beautifully with your phone or portable music player--no amp required. A removable cable and replaceable ear pads complete the package. read more

$649.99 $199.99

Seeing Red -- Last year, we teamed up with AKG on the K7XX, a Massdrop-configured edition of the highly regarded 65th Anniversary ...K702. Featuring its predecessor's legendary sound and build quality--with a bass boost, matched transducers, and improved comfort--the K7XX was a big hit with the Audiophile Community. As positive feedback poured in, so did one recurring request: Could we add a custom colorway to make the black-on-black aesthetic really pop? AKG was happy to oblige, and we launched a poll to determine which color to include in the next limited batch. More than 3,600 votes later, red came out on top, with blue and vintage black/gold not far behind. The final product boasts a Ruby Red accent ring, stitching, and rods (RAL 3003, to be exact). read more

$325.00 $129.99

An Underwater Treasure -- The Seiko "Sea Urchin" is a desk diver that features a Seiko 7S36 23-jewel automatic movement. The case polished on the sides and has light brushing on the lugs. The 42-millimeter stainless steel case has the classic dive watch barrel shape. The 120-click unidirectional rotating bezel comes in multiple colors for a subtle look or something more flashy. Rounding out the watch is its Hardlex crystal and display caseback. read more

Mee Audio
$169.99 $113.99

Musical IEMs With Detachable Cable -- Made in collaboration with MEE Audio, the Pinnacle PX is the comfortable, versatile, and inc...redibly engaging IEM you'll want to listen to all day long. It has the same tuning and detailed, enjoyable sound signature as the Pinnacle P1, with updates to the build quality and a significantly lower price. The zinc alloy housing has a scratch-resistant PVD finish in a custom dark blue, and the robust, detachable MMCX cable is complete with an inline microphone and remote. The 10-millimeter copper-clad dynamic moving-coil driver delivers a musical sound with crystal-clear mids and a realistic bass note, while the proprietary acoustic diffuser creates the ideal balance of treble extension and smooth in-ear response. read more

$149.99 $74.99

Portable Design in Purpleheart Wood -- Following the success of the Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00, we teamed up with another brand that... Foster manufactures headphones for, E-MU Systems, to bring you a new pair of purpleheart headphones--this time smaller, lighter, and perfectly suited for on-the-go use. The Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart features handcrafted solid wood enclosures and biocellulose drivers, like its full-size relative, with a more understated aesthetic and a warm, appealing, non-fatiguing sound. Easy to drive from your phone (no amplifier or adapter required), these make an excellent entry point to the world of wood headphones. read more

$99.99 $59.99

Your New Everyday IEMs -- Made in collaboration with NuForce, a company that's brought us high-performance audio gear from nearby ...Milpitas, California for more than a decade, the EDC in-ear monitors are ready to go everywhere with you. Wear them at home, in the office, at the gym, or while traveling or commuting. The lightweight plastic housing--done in a smoky transparent color--is built to stand up to regular use, while the included ear tips block out noise and the zippered case offers an easy carrying solution. What's more, you'll get two removable cables: a braided cable for top-notch performance and a second cable with an inline remote and microphone. At $59.99 with all accessories, these IEMs work as an upgrade to the beginner's portable music setup or an inexpensive set to round out the serious audiophile's collection. read more

$330.00 $189.49

Fast-Heating Cooker With Tons of Settings -- Using induction heating--where coils at the bottom generate a magnetic field to creat...e an instant source of heat within the pot--the Zojirushi rice cooker is capable of much more than cooking standard white rice. In fact, it can cook up to 3 cups of sushi rice, brown rice, GABA brown rice, and more in no time. Capable of cooking as little as a half cup of rice--great for smaller meals--it features an easy-to-read LCD panel for adjusting settings. The automatic keep warm setting allows you to come back to your cooked rice later if you want to prepare it early. Plus, the cooker has a clear-coated stainless steel exterior for easy cleaning and a carry handle if you need to take it on the go. read more

$200.00 $99.99

Custom Overdyed Denim for a Fast, Dramatic Fade -- A collaboration with Toronto-based United Stock Dry Goods, these jeans feature ...a 14-ounce overdyed selvage denim custom woven in Okayama, Japan. The fabric uses a rope-dyed indigo warp and a rope-dyed navy weft, and will quickly develop a dramatic gradient as the two fade independently through their different shades. The result is a very rich blue gradient fade that you'd otherwise find only in the heaviest-weight denim, achieved in a short period of time--just a few months or so. The company's narrow fit rides the line between formfitting and relaxed: straight through the crotch, seat, thighs, and calves with limited tapering through the leg. And because the thigh and leg are about the same circumference, these jeans work especially well over work boots. read more

$149.99 $102.74

Baseline Perfect -- In 2011, audio engineer NwAvGuy published a blog post titled "O2 Headphone Amp," in which he outlined his phil...osophy on defining sound quality and detailed his ideal audiophile circuit design. Our version of NwAvGuy's famous O2 amplifier, the Objective 2 Desktop Edition features updates based on feedback from the Massdrop community. It's an ideal baseline reference amplifier, capable of powering everything from IEMs to HD 800s with linear ease. read more

$60.00 $34.99

An EDC Favorite, Now in Icy Blue Titanium -- If you liked the Massdrop Brass AAA Flashlight, then you'll love our latest version, stronger, lighter, and decked out in icy blue. About the size of a tube of chapstick--and not much heavier at 1.2 ounces--it pumps out up to 110 lumens and casts a beam as far as 154 feet. Perhaps best of all, it runs on a single AAA battery for a whopping 36 hours on low mode. At checkout, you'll have your choice between the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED, which casts a brighter white beam, or the Nichia 219B LED, which offers a warmer tone with superior color representation. read more

$500.00 $249.99

Hybrid Amp From a Top-Tier Designer -- Built from the ground up by Alex Cavalli, a legend in the world of headphone amps, this hyb...rid amp combines a solid state section, a tube amp section, and an entirely new circuit design. It delivers the current required by planar magnetics, along with the voltage drive that dynamic headphones need to perform their best. It's quiet enough for sensitive headphones like the Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 and powerful enough for higher-impedance headphones like the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX. With the supplied 6922 vacuum tube, the sound is smooth, natural, and resolving with precise detail and just a touch of tube character. And at this price, this amp is an easy addition to any desktop setup--especially when you consider that Cavalli's desktop amps start at $800, and his tube amps at $3,500. read more

$70.00 $37.99

On-Ear Headphones From an Audio Legend -- In the 1950s, when rock 'n' roll was sweeping the nation but headphones were still reserved for communication purposes, Koss came along and changed everything by making the first stereo headphones designed specifically for personal music consumption. Since then, the company has continued to bring listeners closer to the music they love, and among their most popular releases was 1984's Porta Pro. An instant hit for its portable, on-ear design and warm, smooth, detailed sound, it's still considered one of the best values in entry-level headphones to this day. And now, it's getting an update in the Massdrop x Koss Porta Pro X: more modern and more durable, with the same light, take-me-anywhere build backed by Koss's lifetime warranty. read more

$39.99 $24.99

Soft, Absorbent & Available in 14 Colors -- Soft on the skin but hard on grime, this set of six kitchen towels is great for up spills, drying wet pans, and wiping down countertops. Made from 100-percent cotton, the towels are stitched with a herringbone weave for toughness--not to mention they're machine washable, too. This drop includes a total of six towels: two center band towels, two windowpane towels, and two basket weave stripe towels. read more

$499.95 $199.99

One of Our All-Time Best Sellers -- If you know audio gear, you know the Sennheiser HD 650. The company's flagship from 2003 to 20...09, this open-back headphone has shown serious staying power. Praised for its richly detailed, effortlessly enjoyable sound, it remains one of the most talked-about products on Head-Fi today--and is still widely considered among the best headphones under $1,000. So when we teamed up with Sennheiser on its first-ever community-driven design partnership, the HD 650 was a natural place to start. A new revision of the popular all-rounder, the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX has that same great sound plus a few updates, and a price that makes it even easier to love. More than 40,000 members have picked it up to date. read more

Massdrop x NuForce
$199.99 $99.99

Triple-Driver IEMs With a Neutral Sound -- Following the success of the Massdrop x NuForce EDC, named The Absolute Sound's 2017 Ea...rphone of the Year, we're excited to announce its big brother: the EDC3. This new IEM swaps the original's single dynamic driver for three balanced armatures per ear, and the lightweight housing is entirely translucent to showcase the drivers within. The tuning is different, too: While the EDC has a fun sound with a bit of extra bass, the EDC3 is more neutral and less warm--but still retains its musicality. The two complement one another well for those who like to have a pair of IEMs (one neutral, one fun) to cover all the bases. On its own, the EDC3 makes a great everyday all-rounder, complete with two cables, five sets of ear tips, and a carrying case. read more

British Belt Co.
$100.00 $49.99

Handcrafted Leather Belt in 3 Colors -- We teamed up with The British Belt Company to develop the ideal dress belt: one that's han...dsome and understated, affordable and well-made. The British Belt Company has been producing leather goods since 1946, using centuries-old leather-working techniques to bring out the most in each item. Its products have been featured on the pages of GQ, Esquire, Men's Health, and Drapers, as well as countless blogs and forum reviews. To develop this custom belt, we brought in members of our Men's Style Community to help identify the most desirable materials, manufacturing processes, and price point. The result is a top-of-the-line belt to finish off any outfit, available only on Massdrop. read more

Wizards Of The Coast
$119.96 $74.99

Beginners, You're in Luck -- Want to skip deck building and jump right into standard format at your local Friday Night Magic? Star...t with a Challenger Deck. These four curated decks are built from some of the best strategies in standard and printed with cards that have been previously used in Standard and are Standard-legal. Each one includes a 60-card deck and a 15-card sideboard--and the combinations will appeal to newbies and veterans alike. Included are the following four decks: Hazoret Aggro, Vehicle Rush, Second Sun Control, and Counter Surge. read more

$300.00 $99.99

Your Favorite Entry-Level Headphone, Revived -- In 2010, HiFiMAN released the HE-300, HE-500, and HE-6: a series of headphones tha...t redefined price-to-performance expectations in their respective categories and solidified the still-young company's status as one of the most respected names in the audiophile community. Inspired by the HE-300, which was eventually discontinued despite being a clear favorite for many, we teamed up with HiFiMAN to make the HE-350. This new model has everything you loved about the original, plus a few awesome updates made in response to feedback and requests from the community. read more

British Belt Co.
$70.00 $34.99

A Belt for Life -- Our second collaboration with The British Belt Company, this belt is meant to last a lifetime and develop lots ...of character along the way. It's made by hand in Rutland, England, using full-grain Italian harness leather from Tuscany's renowned Tannery La Perla Azzurra. The vegetable-tanned leather will eventually darken to a richer, deeper brown and begin to exhibit a patina that reflects your use. The oil from your hands, the days you spend in the sun, the places the leather bends as it's worn--all of these will contribute to the patina, and over time, make your belt truly your own. For this reason, it's an ideal pairing for raw denim jeans, aging beautifully right along with them. And with a just-right width of 3.5 centimeters, it'll work well with chinos and other pants, too. read more

Kuhn Rikon
$40.00 $28.74

Make Full Use of Your Stove -- Designed for crowded kitchens and extensive meals, the 4th Burner Pot takes up little space (just 6... inches), but can easily heat up pasta, vegetables, soups, and more. Though tall, the aluminum construction allows the pot to heat evenly throughout. A glass lid lets you keep an eye on your food as it cooks. And while the pot heats up quickly, the silicone handles won't. When it's time to take your food out you can strain it right from the pot with the large or small holes. It also comes with a stainless steel steamer basket to make removing things like corn and tamales easier. read more

$499.00 $229.99

Triple- & Quad-Driver In-Ear Monitors -- Just announced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Optoma NuForce's HEM line features ...the latest balanced armature driver technology, custom-designed linear-phase crossovers, and the excellent sound quality we've come to expect from the company. The HEM6 is equipped with three Knowles drivers per side, while the HEM8 is equipped with four per side, and both can be used for professional monitoring and music on the go. The sound is pure and balanced with accurate bass and nearly twice the frequency range of other balanced armature IEMs. Along with a selection of ear tips, you'll get two replaceable cables: one with a microphone, and the other a high-end proprietary cable made from silver and OFC copper. read more

Naked & Famous
$200.00 $99.99

Lightweight Japanese Denim for All Seasons -- There's a reason 10-ounce denim is one of the most popular denim weights around. It ...offers a great balance of durability and comfort in all kinds of weather, and it breaks in a whole lot quicker than its heavier counterparts. For our latest collaboration with Naked & Famous, we used 10.5-ounce rope-dyed red-line selvage from the denim capital of the world: Okayama, Japan. The fabric is woven on vintage low-speed shuttle looms with 2 percent elastane for stretch, then cut and sewn in Montreal. And because it's rope-dyed, it'll fade faster into a unique pattern that reflects your use. Whether you're looking for your first pair of raw denim jeans or you need a lightweight pair for year-round or more active wear (like biking to work), these jeans will be tough to beat. read more

$40.00 $37.74

Leather Maintenance -- The Pommadier cream shoe polishes and Renovateur conditioner from Saphir's M?daille d'Or collection are con...sidered to be some of the best leather maintenance products by serious shoe enthusiasts across the globe. Made to enhance the look of your footwear, the polishes and conditioner are based upon the Saphir formula that received a gold medal ("Medaille d'Or") at the 1925 Paris International Fair. Offered in a two-pack, each Saphir product is specially formulated in France to nourish, rejuvenate, and maintain fine leather. read more

$40.00 $34.99

Premium Ear Pads -- Following the success of its premium ear pads for the Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 and TR-X00, Dekoni Audio has ex...panded its lineup to include ear pads for the Fostex T50-RP and TH-900 headphones, too. These pads provide a breathable, cushioned, enveloped feel for hours of fatigue-free listening, while leaving you with enough isolation to enjoy your favorite records. Under the outer layer of comfort, the YM80 memory foam has a super-slow rebound time, adhering to every curve on your head and blocking out unwanted sounds. Plus, since everyone at Dekoni wears glasses, this was taken into account when designing the pads. Swapping them in is easy: Simply take the plastic ring off your existing pads and insert it into your new pads before installation. To learn more, check out this Head-Fi review. read more

$29.99 $21.99

Retro in Look, Modern in Everything Else -- Unveiled at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Festival, the Koss KPH30i is a lightweigh...t, portable headphone with lots of stylish, retro-inspired appeal. It's a descendent of the popular KTXPro1 and Pro35, now equipped with modern features like an inline microphone and remote. The open-ear design delivers smooth bass, clean treble, and an exceptionally spacious sound. Plus, this headphone's 60-ohm impedance allows it to be easily driven by most portable devices, making it ideal for on-the-go use. The headband is adjustable with patent-pending suspension for a comfortable fit, and the rugged 4-foot-long cable has spring-reinforced strain relief for durability. To learn more, check out these reviews in InnerFidelity and CNET. read more

Wizards Of The Coast
$39.99 $19.99

Starter Deck -- A great way to get going on a new set without starting from scratch, every Starter Deck comes loaded with powerful... new mechanics and exciting creatures that let you get instantly up to speed. With more than 300 different cards, this is an easy way to jumpstart your 4th Edition Magic Collection with older, potentially rarer cards. read more

$29.99 $17.99

Comfy Earplugs With a Long List of Applications -- Whether you're going to a concert or a ball game, traveling on a noisy train or... plane, doing loud yard work, riding a motorcycle, or just trying to get a better night's sleep, the EarFirst T23 earplugs offer a reliable, reusable solution. They're made of thermoplastic elastomers (or TPE), which are nontoxic, tear resistant, and easy to clean. Plus, they're comfortable during prolonged wear, minimizing itching and pressure pain for all-day festivals, long band practices, and more. Each pair features patented acoustic attenuation filters, which reduce noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting your hearing. That means your music will retain its clarity and vitality, and you'll still be able to hold conversations at a regular volume. read more

$40.00 $34.99

Premium Ear Pads -- These Dekoni premium ear pads provide a breathable, cushioned, enveloped feel for hours of fatigue-free while leaving you with enough isolation to enjoy your favorite records. They're compatible with the Massdrop x AKG K7XX headphones, along with the K701, K702, Q701, Q702, K601, K612, and K712 Pro models. Under the outer layer of comfort, the YM80 memory foam has a super-slow rebound time, adhering to every curve on your head and blocking out unwanted sounds. Plus, since everyone at Dekoni wears glasses, this was taken into account when designing the pads. read more

$79.99 $59.99

A Better ZuperDAC -- Delivering on both quality and value, the Zorloo ZuperDAC was a big hit with the Massdrop community--and now,... the Zorloo ZuperDAC-S takes things up a notch. It's 40 percent lighter than the original (important for a portable DAC/amp) and boasts the addition of hardware volume buttons. Powered by the well-regarded ESS Sabre 9018Q2C DAC, this unit is a great fit for connecting to Android and iOS phones or PCs. USB Type C, micro-USB, and USB Type A cables are all included. read more

Naked & Famous
$175.00 $99.99

Japanese Selvage Denim, Made in Montreal -- Naked & Famous isn't your average denim company, which is good, because we didn't want... to make your average pair of jeans. We wanted just the right fit, just the right weight, and just the right amount of slub. We wanted them to break in quickly, fade beautifully, and look and feel incredible for years to come. Introducing the Massdrop x Naked & Famous Ichiban, featuring 13.75-ounce sanforized selvage denim from the denim capital of the world: Okayama, Japan. Custom made for these jeans, the fabric has a light slub and a deep indigo color. And because it's rope-dyed, it'll fade faster into a unique pattern that reflects your use. Here for $99.99, these offer a great introduction to those new to raw denim and an easy-wearing addition to any enthusiast's collection. read more

British Belt Co.
$70.00 $27.99

Handmade With Italian Leather -- Our third collaboration with The British Belt Company, the Vero belt is made by hand in Rutland, ...England, using full-grain Italian leather from Tuscany's renowned Tannery La Perla Azzurra. The vegetable-tanned leather is dyed all the way through for excellent depth of color, and over time will develop a patina that reflects your use. The oil from your hands, the days you spend in the sun, the places the leather bends as it's worn: All of these will contribute to the patina and make your belt truly your own. With a versatile width of 3.5 centimeters, this belt works well with jeans, chinos, and other pants. read more

$216.00 $134.24

Comprehensive High-Carbon Steel Blade Set -- If you're in need of a durable, easy-to-use set of kitchen knives, Victorinox is a place to start. This drop features five separate kitchen knives--everything from a 10-inch slicing knife and a 6-inch boning knife to a 4-inch paring knife--plus a sharpening rod, kitchen shears, and a wood block to hold everything in place. The blades are made from high-carbon stainless steel for a long-lasting edge that won't rust over time if cared for correctly (hand washing is recommended). The handles are made from Fibrox, a dishwasher-safe, slip-resistant material to keep your grip secure when preparing a big meal. read more

Black Forge Knives
$89.99 $42.74

Rustic Hand-Forged Utensils -- Set the tone at your next dinner party, holiday get-together, or movie night with these unique flat...ware sets. Many years ago, when silverware was made by a blacksmith, it might have turned out something like these forks, knives, and spoons. That rustic hand-forging process is the inspiration behind these flatware sets. Featuring a bold mirror polish on the business end, and a black, almost charred handle, each utensil has a hand-finished artisan look to it. Made from stainless steel, each utensil is dishwasher safe, too. read more

Carbon Tactics
$60.00 $37.74

Quick to Latch, Tough to Break -- Carbon Tactics has established itself as a serious player in the world of EDC belts. The company...'s ninth successful Kickstarter, the Ti Hook Belt is a quick-release belt that allows you to put it on and take it off without affecting size adjustment. Made from tactical nylon also known as nylon scuba webbing for extreme tensile strength, it can be used not only as an EDC or gun belt, but also as a tow rope or a sling in an emergency. And, like every other product in the Carbon Tactics collection, the belt is made entirely in the USA and overseen by designer Michael Sargent. Look for the brand-new anodized titanium versions for a colorful twist. read more

Noble Audio
$1,650.00 $899.99

The "Best-Sounding In-Ear Headphone" Is Back -- Lauded by Forbes, The Verge, and InnerFidelity, and long rated Head-Fi users' favo...rite IEM, the Noble Kaiser 10 returns as the Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10. Also known as the K10, this model uses the same tuning as the company's previous flagship, with 10 Knowles balanced-armature drivers per ear. Each pair is assembled and matched by hand, and the precision-machined aluminum housings feature Noble's updated universal form factor and geometry--now with red faceplates and matte black shells. This IEM is sensitive enough for use with smartphones, as well as portable digital audio players and amps. Available only on Massdrop, and for nearly half the price of the original, it offers a new entry into Noble's high-end line. read more

Massdrop x Noble
$499.99 $249.99

Seriously Fun Sound -- The president of Noble Audio and an audiologist by training, Dr. John Moulton has been delighting the commu...nity with beautiful, great-sounding in-ear monitors for years. So much so, in fact, that fans have nicknamed him the Wizard--so when we wanted our own bit of magic, we knew where to turn. After many months of exploration and development, we're thrilled to introduce the Massdrop x Noble X IEMs at a price previously unheard of for a Noble product. Drawing inspiration from the Noble Savanna, Savant, and Django models, these feature the precise craftsmanship and incredible clarity the company is known for, plus a sound signature all their own: fun, punchy, musical, and engaging, with a solid bass presence. read more

Thonet and Vander
$119.99 $89.99

Balanced, Powerful Sound With Bluetooth -- Enjoy your music to the fullest in any room with the Kurbis BT speakers from Thonet & V...ander. Pairing Bluetooth functionality with superb sound, they deliver balanced frequencies--from extreme bass to crystal-clear treble--with little distortion, even at high volumes. Plus, they're fully compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa. Despite their compact size, these speakers bring an impressive 340 watts of peak power, with the 1-inch silk tweeters responsible for the ultra-pure high tones and the 5.25-inch aramid fiber subwoofer enhancing the bass performance. Each wooden enclosure is constructed from high-density natural polymer and covered with a protective mesh cloth to prevent sound leakage and vibration far better than typical fiberboard material. read more

$40.00 $29.99

An EDC Favorite With a Brand-New Copper Body -- Our third version of the Massdrop AAA flashlight, this model features a hefty body that will develop a natural patina over time. About the size of a tube of chapstick, it pumps out up to 110 lumens and casts a beam as far as 154 feet. The titanium button allows you to cycle from moonlight mode (great for not disrupting others in tight spaces) to medium mode to high mode. Perhaps best of all, it runs on a single AAA battery for a whopping 36 hours on the lowest setting. At checkout, you'll have your choice between the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED, which casts a brighter white beam, and the brand-new Nichia 219C LED. Based on community preferences from the last run, the Nichia 219C LED is more efficient and approximately 6 percent brighter than the Nichia 219B, with only a modest amount of warmth lost. read more

$499.99 $299.99

Massdrop Tuning, Custom Universal Fit -- The first in-ear monitor tuned by Massdrop from the ground up, the Plus features a novel ...sound signature that combines aspects of a number of community-favorite IEMs. With three Sonion balanced-armature drivers per ear, it delivers extended bass, clarity, and a sound that leans toward full and fun. And while it's a universal IEM with removable ear tips, the Plus is the next best thing to a custom fit. That's because it's based on custom designs worn by musicians on stage for more than 20 years, and the shape is derived from the average of thousands of custom shells. The dampers, crossovers, and tubing were carefully selected after a year of R&D. Finally, every part of the process--from development and 3D printing to assembly and QC--was done in the USA. read more

$49.99 $39.99

Premium Pads for Focal Headphones -- These are Dekoni Audio's much-anticipated ear pads for Focal, compatible with the Elear, Clea...r, Clear Pro, and Utopia headphones, along with the Massdrop x Focal Elex. Designed to take your listening experience up a notch, the pads feature slow-rebound, high-density memory foam wrapped in your choice of velour, sheepskin, or a combination of the two. They provide a breathable, cushioned, enveloped feel for hours of fatigue-free listening--all while leaving you with enough isolation to enjoy your favorite records. Plus, everyone at Dekoni wears glasses, so this was taken into account when designing the pads. read more

$500.00 $148.24

Cook, Boil & Steam With Ease -- Whether you're cooking a crab, boiling pasta, or steaming vegetables, this set has you covered. Th...e main component is the 8-quart stock pot, complete with markings on the inside for measuring. Made with a non-reactive steel interior, an aluminum alloy core, and an induction-compatible stainless steel exterior, it delivers excellent heat retention and distribution--without being too heavy. Use the included strainer to quickly remove pasta from the pot without spills; and use the steamer to gently cook dumplings, broccoli, or as a healthy alternative to pan frying meats and fish. The mirror finish will look great in modern and vintage kitchens alike. read more

Allen Edmonds
$395.00 $179.99

A Custom Chukka, Only Available Here -- This unlined chukka boot is the result of a collaboration between Massdrop, members of Sty...leforum, and Allen Edmonds. Based on Styleforum discussions, we took elements from three Allen Edmonds boots--the Amok, Mojave, and Dundee--and combined them to produce a completely new chukka. After sending prototypes to prominent members of Styleforum, we made a few tweaks before landing on a final design. Since its initial launch last year, it's garnered press and praise around the community, and for good reason. read more

Honey Soles
$39.95 $29.99

Natural Cork Insoles for Mile-After-Mile Comfort -- Born on Kickstarter and inspired by the walk-everywhere culture of New York Ci...ty, Honey Soles allow you to comfortably wear your shoes with or without socks. That's because they're made of sustainably harvested natural cork: a naturally antibacterial, moisture-wicking material that breathes well, helps prevent odor, and molds to the shape of your foot over time. Each pair of insoles is complete with shock-absorbing foam to protect against hard surfaces, along with low-level arch support to help improve posture, alignment, and overpronation. And to ensure you get the perfect fit, Honey Soles are designed to be easily trimmed to size and fit best after removing the manufacturer's insoles from your shoes. read more

$299.99 $229.99

Fostex Drivers, Dekoni Pads -- This new variant of the renowned T50RP MKIII is a collaboration between Fostex and Dekoni, a compan...y well loved on Massdrop for its excellent line of headphone pads. Done in a distinctive light blue, these headphones feature Fostex's proprietary planar-magnetic drivers and come installed with Dekoni's Elite Hybrid ear pads. These pads improve upon the original model's sound, making it less fatiguing and smoother all around with an extended bass response. The sheepskin outer ring gives you all the isolation you need, while the velour face has a soft, luxurious feel. You'll also get an extra pair of Elite Velour pads. Both sets use slow-rebound, high-density memory foam. Finally, the included Slappa case keeps your headphones safely stored away between listening sessions. read more

$179.99 $149.99

Translucent 5-Driver IEM, Bluetooth Cable Included -- The next tier in Magaosi's excellent series of IEMs, the K5 features five ba...lanced armature drivers per ear--an impressive number for the price. This IEM has been praised on Head-Fi for its clean, detailed, slightly V-shaped sound signature. It's often described as sensitive, meaning it doesn't need an amp to sound great and will work particularly well with smartphones and other low-powered, on-the-go setups. The housing is molded to fit comfortably inside the ear and the translucent colorways contribute to the premium, CIEM-like experience. Finally, you'll get two cables: a high-quality, silver-plated braided MMCX cable and a Bluetooth cable, which will allow you to easily switch from wired to wireless operation. read more

$159.99 $139.99

High-Res Audio, Long Playback Time -- A great pairing for laptops and smartphones, the Topping NX4 DSD is a compact DAC/amp loaded... with impressive specs. It's equipped with the well-regarded Sabre ES9038Q2 DAC, along with an XU208 USB bridge, and it supports some of the highest-resolution audio--including 32 bit/768 kHz, DSD256 (DoP), and DSD512 (native). For easy use when you're on the go, the NX4 DSD comes with rubber bands and Velcro feet to attach to your smartphone or digital music player. It provides 28 hours of playback when the headphone amp is used and 7.5 hours of playback when the DAC and amp are used together. Featuring a full aluminum shell, the unit is smaller than your average phone and weighs just over 5 ounces. read more

$179.99 $147.74

A Studio Favorite -- Especially well suited for studio environments, the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones boast a closed-back des...ign and a highly regarded sound. The sound signature is balanced and engaging with an improved bass response, thanks to the company's bass reflex technology. High quality out of the box, every part of the DT770 is replaceable, in case you want to do some modding down the line. The headphones are complete with a 9.8-foot-long cable and a plug adapter, and it's easy to see why they're the choice of music producers everywhere. read more

Massdrop x Fostex
$600.00 $419.99

A Community Favorite, Now With Removable Cables -- When the Massdrop community asked for a closed-back headphone that redefined expectations, the TH-X00 was our answer. Made in collaboration with Fostex, a brand that's produced innovative audio gear since 1949, these headphones feature mahogany ear cups, a magnesium alloy frame, Fostex's signature biodynamic drivers, and a highly reviewed sound signature. Now, in another response to the community's requests, we've updated the original with a removable cable. Introducing the TR-X00 (the "R" stands for "removable"): everything you loved about the TH-X00, now with a detachable cable for greater flexibility. read more

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