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Profile™ Pro-Comfort Triple Action Shave Gel 150-Ml.. PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel rescues skin from the adverse effects of... shaving, then moisturizes, tones, and helps protect the skin from unnecessary aging. Prepares your beard for a close, comfortable shave while protecting sensitive facial skin. Contains high levels of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, to help improve exfoliation for a close shave Vegetable Glycerin helps restore moisture stripped by shaving. Designed to help hydrate skin for up to 72 hours with moisture magnets, a skin-identical carbohydrate complex. Powered with vitamins and nutrients to help reduce signs of aging read more


Profile™ Recharge Age Combatting Serum. RECHARGE Age Combating Post Shave Serum is an advanced anti-aging powerhouse serum that no...urishes, soothes and protects skin while fighting the effects of aging. Helps diminish fine lines and loss of elasticity Biomimetic peptides support skin's natural collagen production Helps assist in the fight against cell-damaging free radicals Protects the skin against environmental pollutants with antioxidants Supports even skin tone and texture Soothes the appearance of irritation and redness Benefits: The levels of men's collagen, the healthy skin building blocks, drops year-by-year starting around age 20. RECHARGE Age Combating Post Shave Serum has biomimetic peptides that help boost collagen, fight the effects of aging, and soothe and protect skin. How to use: Apply on neck and face after shaving and before bed for ultimate results. 1.6-fl. oz. / 50-ml. read more


Profile™ Revitalize Detoxing Face Scrub. Male's pores are bigger. Their oil glands are smaller and they perspire more, therefore m...en need the enhanced cleansing of a scrub. REVITALIZE exfoliating and detoxing charcoal face scrub helps remove deep dirt, dead cells, impurities and skin toxins revealing younger skin that is enhanced with moisture boosters, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Charcoal helps absorbs impurities and toxins from the skin surface that causes pre-mature aging which give REVITALIZE the extra boost. 75 ml / 2.5 fl. oz. read more


Profile™ Action Hydrating Cleanser. ACTION Rehydrating Cleanser is specially formulated to naturally deep clean dirt, sweat and oi...l from pores and enrich the skin with vitamins and nutrients that most other cleansers strip away. Action Rehydrating Cleanser is a moisturizing, Stimulating and nourishing first step to looking and feeling your best. Helps removes deep-down dirt and oil for clean, clear skin, while being gentle enough for all skin types. Helps soothe all irritation: chemical, mechanical or environmental. Provides instant hydration benefits. "Moisture Magnets" are a skin-identical carbohydrate complex providing deep hydration for up to 72 hours. Powered with vitamins and nutrients to help reduce the visual signs of aging. read more

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