Splat Midnight Ruby Hair Dye, Semi-Permanent Red Hair Color

Splat Midnight Ruby Hair Color, Semi Permanent & Bleach Free Red Hair Dye One application bleach-free hair coloring kit for deep ruby red color Provides subtle color to brunettes and drastic color change to blondes Boxed color kit includes: Splat Midnight Ruby hair color applicator bottle, gloves and instructions Cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan Video tutorials and hair ideas at: https://www.splathaircolor.com/tutorials/ *Strand test: We advise that you test a storials and hair ideas at: https://www.splathaircolor.com/tutorials/ *Strand test: We advise that you test a small section of your hair first to determine how long you want to keep your color in. Top 8 Tips For Color Treated Hair Care Get messy. Shampoo less often! The more you wash, the more likely your hair color to fade. Try using dry shampoo to make your temporarily dyed hair last as long as possible.Keep it clean. Use a color safe and sulfate-free shampoo and avoid harsh chemicals.Keep it cool. Turn down the water temperature when washing your color-treated hair. Cold water helps to heal your hair cuticles, keeping your hair healthy, nourished and strong.Stay in mint condition. Occasionally just use moisturizing conditioner and skip the shampoo. Deep conditioning once a week aids to keep your dyed hair fully moisturized.You are what you eat. Your diet affects the health of your hair, just like it affects the health of your body! Nourish your body with healthy and whole foods to nourish your locks.Keep it natural. Avoid heat when possible and don't blow-dry every day.Avoid Chlorine. Opt for the swimming cap or rock a pony if you want to keep your hair from getting a green hue.Keep it trim. For optimal hair health, get a trim every 6-8 weeks to avoid breakage. About Splat We offer a full range of fantasy semi-permanent hair color products. We empower women to be themselves, to declare their independence and individuality. Be it as a form of rebellion, joy, or fashion, we provide a way of projecting themselves to the world. read more