Splat Naturals 30 Wash Red Hair Color, Semi-Permanent Red Dye, 6 Oz

Splat Naturals Red 30 Wash Semi Permanent Hair Dye, 6 OzBrand new 95% natural formula contains semi-permanent dye mixed with natural conditioners to hydrate and nourish your hair while you colorCertified vegan, cruelty-free and not tested on animalsThis formula contains NO: Ammonia, Bleach, Fragrance, Gluten, PPD, Parabens, SulfatesPremium no-drip cream formula that stays put when appliedBlends beautifully with the other colors in the line so you can create your ownula that stays put when appliedBlends beautifully with the other colors in the line so you can create your own shadesWorks on light brunette to platinum blonde hairThe lighter your hair the brighter and bolder the color will beNo bleach formula gradually washes out in up to 30 washesReduced packaging by 90% compared to our traditional kits to help reduce our waste cycleResealable top so you can save your excess productWomen owned and operatedOther Splat Naturals colors include: Lavender, Blue, Purple, Pink and TealThis formula contains:Quinoa proteins to help color wear longer, increase moisture retention, and fortify your hair with natural proteins,Baobab extract to help repair damage, increase hair strength, protect from UV damage, moisturize dry hair and nourish strands,Vitamin B5 to help increase the shine and condition of your hairThings You Need For Application:Gloves to prevent staining your handsHair dye brush for easier application. If you do not have one, some users like to use their hands (with gloves on)Hair dye bowl (of you can dye directly from pouch to hair)Wear an old t-shirtDark towelsHair clips to section your hair (you can also use hair ties)Petroleum jelly or coconut oil to protect the surrounding skin from stainingA comb or brush to smooth out hair prior to applicationCheck out the full line of Developlus Splat Bold Hair Color Products:Naturals Semi-Permanent Hair Color30 Wash Original Complete Kit30 Wash No Bleach Color Kits10 Wash No Bleach Color Kits1 Wash No Bleach Color Kits 1 Wash Hair ChalkAdditional Information Prior to ColoringSplat Naturals has colors ?Best for Brunettes? and ?Best for Blondes?. If your hair is brunette, the result after applying Splat Naturals Best for Brunettes will likely be a tint or hue of bold color without bleaching. For vibrant results, it is recommended to bleach your hair prior to coloring. The lighter your hair color the bolder and more vibrant your results will be. If your hair is medium to dark brown or black, bleaching is highly recommended. The darker your hair the gradual the color tint will be. If skin staining occurs, gently scrub with dish soap and baking soda. Makeup wipes/remover is also recommended. read more