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Technical Pro Professional Headphones

The HPS820 are able to pump out one of the highest quality sound outputs on the market. These cans are built with an enhanced noise reducing design. If you are listening in a studio to your mix or tracking a singer/instrument it's imperative that you are able to block out unwanted outside noise. You want to hear the input and only the input and with these headphones you will do just that! If you are a DJ and are cueing up the next song or need a fast reference to yoadphones you will do just that! If you are a DJ and are cueing up the next song or need a fast reference to your mix without crowd noise or other intrusions these headphones will keep the mix inside your phones and give you the exact sound you are about to mix in for the crowd. These phones are designed with a durable and extremely comfortable design. The body is contoured for a very high level of comfort. If you are a DJ or a sound professional in the studio you may be wearing your headphones for hours on end. Included is a portable headphone carrying case designed for safe storage & a 1/4" adapter without this adapter plug these phones into any MP3 player or other component with an 1/8" input or connect the adapter and connect to any 1/4" input. These are the two most valuable and commonly used headphone connection options for the professional audio world*Professional Headphones*Dynamic Super Bass*Contoured body for superior comfort*Lightweight design and air tight construction*Advanced design for serious music lovers*Professional super bass driver*Super Cushioned ear pads*Portable headphone case designed for safe storage*Enhanced noise reducing design*Driver Unit: 50mm*Impedance: 32ohm*Sensitivity: 105dB? 3dB*Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz*Magnet: NdFed*Plug: 3.5mm Stereo plug*Maximum power input: 100mw*Adaptors included: 1/4" adapter*Cord length: 12ftItem Dimensions: 144.00" x 3.00" x 10.00"Item Weight: 5.00lbs read more

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