The Saress

The Saress Beach Cover-Up - Short - Medium - Blue Lagoon

 Simple - No ties, knots or fasteners.A perfect Swimwear cover for the beach and pool.Cool, Comfortable & Crease-FreeIt Stays in Place and Shape.Compliments & Enhances Every Woman's FigureThe Saress was born of the need to create & design a flatteringsolution to dated, difficult and awkward sarongs! Forget knots, ties orfasteners none are required. This sarong dress has a loop at 2 cornersso you simply slip The Saress around your back and thread opposite armsthroughng dress has a loop at 2 cornersso you simply slip The Saress around your back and thread opposite armsthrough the loops for an easy, sexy elegant flattering beach dress inseconds - its sensational! The look is stunning & timeless, with acrossover effect that enhances the bust, trims the waist & skimsover the thighs, tummy & bottom, draping low at the back, creatingan ultra feminine shape. Using very special fabric, its cool comfortable& crease-free, with a touch of stretch it allows you to move withease & confidence staying in place & shape. As The Saressincreases in size it graduates in length i.e. small mid thigh the medium& large taper slightly longer. Every Saress purchased comes withits own free re-usable beach handbag, ideal for carrying sun cream,sunglasses, and a good book or to carry wet swimwear.Sizing GuideEverywoman knows there is that moment of 'dread' when you have to slip intoyour swimwear. The split second when you worry about your lumps andbumps that your winter clothes have been hiding.General SizingDesignedto fit and accommodate the widest part of your body as it is a wraparound, with some women it is your bust and others the hips and stomach.We recommend that if you are slightly in between a size, take thelarger as what most of us forget is that when a women enters into a hotclimate her body expands and sometimes holds water and the Saress® isnot meant to be worn tight it needs to gently drape at the back.Size GuideSmall - 4 - 6 Bust Size 30 32B/C 34 A/B or BelowMedium - 8 - 10 Bust size 32DD 34C/D/DD 36BLarge - 12 - 14 Bust size 34FF 36C/D 38D/DDX Large - 16 -18 Bust size 34GG 36F/FF upward                 read more

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