Vitalsox VT5810 Italian Support & Odor Control Crew Socks (1 pair- fitted) Best For Running, Travel, Yoga, Gym, Basketball, Sports Yellow, Large

SMART TRAINING: Patented graduated compression, starts mid foot to gently support your arch and plantar ligaments promoting the ideal conditions for maximum circulation increase. PERFORMANCE BOOST: Improved speed and faster recovery, all while exerting less energy. Oxygenated blood = More power REDUCE INJURIES: Increased blood flow and oxygen warms and boosts the muscle performance during the activity when you need it most, reducing cramps and pulled muscles. RECOVEs the muscle performance during the activity when you need it most, reducing cramps and pulled muscles. RECOVER FASTER: Recovery starts immediately, bringing fresh oxygen rich blood to damaged tissue. The foot is the farthest point from your heart! MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY: Silver Drystat Performance, Dual features: stops the growth of bacteria and fungus reducing odors - Quick drying wicks the moisture, reduces blisters QUALITY MANUFACTURING:Everything is manufactured in our stat of the art facility in Northern Italy, never outsourced to the lowest bidder insuring quality in EVERY pair since 1998 TRAINING, RACING, RECOVERY ONE SOCK: Perform better for Training, Racing, Recovery in only one pair of socks Sox Brands have been making quality compression socks since 1998. If you are looking for the best value in a compression sock, look no further than Vitalsox. Compare the materials, exclusive technical fibers called Silver dryStat, infused with real silver to stop the growth of smelly things you don't want in your socks like bacteria, fungus and excess moisture. The moisture is Wicked away from your skin and spread out to evaporate which helps reduce blisters and clammy feet. During activity, Vitalsox are shown to reduce injuries, cramps and pulled muscles and improving performance through lower exertion and faster times. After your workout, Vitalsox promotes circulation and recovery to muscle damage caused by strenuous activities. Everything is made in Italy all under one roof, we never outsource or contract with the lowest bidder to make our products. Built for you at a Fair cost, you can pay more, but it will be hard to get more. Arcos Sox Brands, manufactures great products under the Brands, Vitalsox, travel Sox travel and dress, care Sox health and maternity, work Sox, euros diabetic, Sox sport & gym and recovery socks. One sock for training, racing, recovery. read more

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