Festival Survival Guide: Accessories To Beat The Heat

Stay cool.


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Handle The Heat

Whenever you're attending a music festival, it's always a good idea to have a functional and stylish hat. Keep your face and scalp protected from the sun while also radiating some boho-chic vibes in this Brixton field hat. The wide-brim hat will shade your face so you can enjoy the music, food, and friends without missing a beat. Pair this hat with an off-the-shoulder top and gladiator sandals for an on-trend festival look. ($58; urbanoutfitters.com)

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Hydration Station

We want you to sample the local craft beer, but you NEED to stay hydrated (with water) when you're out in the sun all day. Reduce your chances of getting dehydrated on festival day and carry this hydration pack with you. The backpack comes in a variety of holographic colors, so you don't have to worry about it cramping your style. It houses up to 2 liters of water and comes equipped with three other compartments for your other festival essentials. This hydration backpack also works well for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a good hike. ($49; vibedration.com)

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Let's be honest: We'd like to think we'd stay cool if we bumped into our favorite band, but we all know we'd have a fangirl moment or two. Avoid sweaty Instagram pics with your fave artists and cool off with this convenient portable fan that's powered by your iPhone. For a refreshing breeze on the go, keep this portable fan in your bag to literally beat the heat. ($7; walmart.com)

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Hot In The Hexagon

You never know when things could get wild at a music festival, so it's best to leave your expensive sunnies at home. With an affordable and fashionable pair of sunglasses, you can still rock the festival without the annoying glare from the sun. These unique hexagon-shaped sunglasses add the right amount of edge to your festival attire while still shielding your eyes. Enjoy all the people watching with your new go-to shades. ($12; nastygal.com)

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Freshen Up

You may love festival season, but your skin may not. If you have sensitive skin or if it's easily irritated when you're out in the sun too long, freshen up with a facial spray. This refreshing, cooling mist contains aloe, rosewater, and herbal extracts to calm and soften tight, uncomfortable skin. You have more important things to focus on than your hot, dry skin, so pop this facial spray in your purse for instant relief whenever you need it. ($7; nordstrom.com)

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Sip & Spray

This is not your mother's water bottle. Sure, it will quench your thirst and keep you hydrated, but when the temperature is too damn high, this water bottle turns into your personal spray bottle. One quick spritz will help cool you down in the scorching sun. The best part about this water bottle with the unique spray feature is that you can also use it to refresh yourself after an intense workout. ($15; amazon.com)

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Stay Burn-Free

Sunscreen is a staple even if you don't burn easily. We may have abused our skin with all the tanning we did in high school, but we've since seen the light and know that a little sunscreen goes a long way to prevent skin cancer. If you don't like the greasy, rub-in varieties, use continuous spray sunscreen. The water-resistant formula won't wash off with sweat (or your super-cool spray water bottle); just make sure to reapply every 80 minutes for maximum protection. Nobody has time for sunburns, so a quick spray is all it takes to get back to enjoying festival season. ($7; walmart.com)

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The Magic Towel

When you can't stand the heat, get out this towel. The Mission Enduracool cooling towel seriously works like magic. Simply pour some water over the fabric, wring it out, and snap it in the air to activate the cooling properties for immediate relief on a hot day. The cooling towel is designed to be worn over a dozen different ways to take the edge off the heat, so this is one festival accessory you'll want to keep stashed in your backpack. You're welcome. ($20; target.com)

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