The Best Hair Accessories for Your Zodiac Sign

It's no secret hair accessories are having a moment (thank you, '90s resurgence), but wandering the aisles at the store and seeing all the options can feel overwhelming. Instead of wading through the endless barrettes, scrunchies, and pearl clips, let your sign help you decide. Whether you're energetic fire, intuitive water, or determined earth element, our guide will help you find the perfect fit for your zodiac personality.

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Customized word hair clip from Baublebar photo

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Aquarius: Customized Hair Clip

You set your own code, Aquarius, whether it be your morals or sense of style, so a custom hair clip suits your one-of-a-kind nature. Choose from 20 base colors and 17 font colors to create your perfect combination. As for the word, let your inner writer run wild. The only rule: It can be up to six characters. You could always share your name, show off your favorite city, or use your humanitarian voice—which we know you love to do. ($32;

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6-piece peacock pearl bobby pin set from Anthropologie photo

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Pisces: Peacock Pearl Bobby Pins

Being the sign of the fish and with Neptune ruling, it's no wonder you love all things related to the water, Pisces. But you're so much more than a fish out of water. You're a dreamer, and one of the most empathetic zodiac signs. That's why we love these pearl bobby pins. They connect you back to the sea while playing to your powerful insight. Styling tip: Use them to create a soft, side-swept style to appease your inner romantic. ($20;

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Deepa Gurnani ruby clips from Shopbop photo

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Aries: Ruby Clips

You don't shy away from a challenge, Aries, just like you don't shy away from the spotlight. With your element of fire and ruler Mars, there's no question red is your signature color. Enter these ruby hair clips. Their bold hue and gold setting pop powerfully with your passionate personality. Plus, they are anything but basic—just like you. ($40;

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5-piece velvet hair scrunchie set from Urban Outfitters photo

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Taurus: Velvet Scrunchies

The bull, those born under the Taurus sign, are often said to be stubborn, and though that may be true (sorry) you're also so much more than that. You've got an eye for the luxuries life offers. Whether it be sitting down to a fancy dinner or wrapping up in a cozy blanket, you love indulging in comfort, and that's why these velvet hair scrunchies are a must-have. Each set comes with five soft, yet elegant, scrunchies for styling buns, ponytails, and more. ($12;

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Silver and gold hair rings from Free People photo

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Gemini: Hair Rings

You've got a youthful, energetic nature that stems from your planet, Mercury, and it's safe to say you love to party, Gemmy. An air sign, you crave uniqueness and fashion-forward items, which these hair rings from Free People provide. Think of them like earrings for your hair. Just open, thread them through a braid, and clip. They're great conversation starters (you're welcome), and don't get us started on how perfect they are for your favorite festivals. ($22;

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Graduating pearl headband from Asos photo

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Cancer: Pearl Headband

Like your fellow star signs, you're intuitive and love the water. But unlike Pisces and Scorpio, you wear your heart on your sleeve. No one guesses where they stand with you, Cancer. While you love nostalgia and understanding perspectives, you also love looking put together. A pearl headband is a timeless hair accessory that allows you to put your best face forward while connecting you to the moon and waves for emotional balance. ($19;

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Gold claw clip with sun embellishment from Free People photo

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Leo: Sun Hair Clip

Whereas the moon rules Cancer, you, Leo land on the opposite side, taking your cues from the sun. You're the boss in any situation, not because you're overbearing, but because your vivacious and confident attitude lends itself to leadership roles. When it comes to hair, you always want your mane on point, and this golden claw clip provides the balance of polish and glamour your inner lioness desires. It even has sun embellishments to subtly display your astrological pride. ($14;

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5-piece geometric bobby pin set from Amazon photo

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Virgo: Minimalist Bobby Pins

You are both blessed and cursed with a controlling, perfectionist nature, Virgo girl. Sometimes this can be your friend as it pushes you to work hard and achieve your goals, but other times it can cause self-criticism. You don't like anything out of place—especially hair—so this bobby pin set will be your best friend. Whichever of the five styles you use, they provide a feminine, pretty way to keep those baby hairs back as you organize, tidy up, and work toward your next achievement. ($8;

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Rose chain headband from Urban Outfitters photo

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Libra: Chain Headband

Although you're all about justice and balance, Libra lady, you're not all sugar and spice. You have a slight edgy side that loves gossip as much as Blair Waldorf. Of course you'd never be caught wearing anything less than perfect, and this chain headband blends together your opposing sides into a luxe look you'll love as much as, well, love. Plus, it's only available in two colors so your indecisive self only needs to choose silver or gold—though the latter has our vote. ($39;

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Bendable ponytail cuff from Shopbop photo

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Scorpio: Ponytail Cuff

If you look up "misunderstood" in the dictionary, you're going to find Scorpio (not literally, but you get my point). Everything about you, including the common misconception you're a fire sign (ugh) who wants only sex, feels misconstrued. But whereas others cast their judgments, you know who you are. A passionate, resourceful, water sign who keeps her friends close and her enemies, well, scared. No one crosses you, Scorpio, and this ponytail cuff displays your badassery as a stylish statement. Try it with a braided ponytail for serious style elevation. ($16;

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Sheer scarf tie from Urban Outfitters photo

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Sagittarius: Scarf Tie

The third of the fire signs: Sagittarius, you're ruled by Jupiter, which gives you a love for wild times. Freedom and nature are your true loves. You hate being tied down, so a multi-way hair accessory is the perfect commitment-free piece for you. Wear it like a scrunchie, headband, or tied around your neck. You could even use it as the third piece of a braid if you're feeling especially adventurous—which you more than likely are. ($10;

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4-piece tortoise clip set from Lulus photo

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Capricorn: Tortoise Clip Set

Like your fellow Earth signs, you're practical and analytical, Capricorn. But unlike Virgo and Taurus, Saturn rules your sign, making you more persistent and realistic. Your down-to-earth nature carries into your closet with minimalist, versatile pieces. Enter this hair clip set. The tortoise pattern complements almost any look, yet the four options let you play around with different styles while staying in your classic comfort zone. ($14;

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