I Wore Outdoor Voices' Hudson Short on My Run, and Now I'm in Love

These Outdoor Voices shorts have replaced my go-to leggings.

Two women, one modeling a white polka dot bra the other a pair of green shorts

Outdoor Voices Hudson Short

I'll admit it: I'm a leggings die hard. The form-fitting, high-waist, full coverage feeling they bring is my security blanket while I workout. I feel safe in my little cocoon of compressed comfort where my jiggling butt and cellulite are contained as I jog around town. So when it was proposed I do a review of the Outdoor Voices Hudson Shorts and Doing Things Bra, I have to admit I was a little intimidated! So as I got ready to head out the door for my weekly run this week, I gently placed my faithful leggings back into my closet and reached for my new workout outfit.

First impressions: The Outdoor Voices color selection is incredible, and being a girl who tends to avoid neutrals I chose the seasonal print 'Cloud Polka' Doing Things Bra and the 'Pebbled Forest' Hudson Short.

Let's talk fabric. First impressions: The Doing Things Bra is lightweight but strong, with just the right amount of thickness. When I slipped it on I felt supported, but not suffocated. I also noticed that I didn't feel too warm — which is saying something because it was 90 degrees out. It is a totally breathable bra that looks so cute with minimal bounce.

As for the shorts, the fabric felt ultra-light. I love the 'Pebbled Forest' shade for summer and think I need to get another sports bra to have a matchy-matchy look! The thick waistband has an adjustable elastic strap in the middle that adjusts, and the shorts have a thin liner to keep me covered during pre-run stretching.

I'm 5'9 and roughly 165 pounds, so I chose a size medium for the bra and a large for the shorts. I typically run in a medium across all brands but sized up in the shorts after seeing the 25" inseam (your girl has a booty but likes to keep it covered). As for fit, both are phenomenal. I was crossing my fingers that this short would hit me high at the waist as pictured and it did not disappoint! I did experience a bit of gapping at the waist, but the adjustable interior elastic band fixed that no problem. The length just covers my bottom but doesn't make me feel like another tall girl in a too-short short. I did a couple test jumps to see if the shorts would shift and they stayed put. As for the bra, it was easy to pull on (not all are) and when it was in place, nothing moved after.

Editor's try-on images wearing the Outdoor Voices Hudson short in green and a white polka dot Doing Things Bra photo

Was it love at first run?

Now that I had the gear on, it was time to give it a go outside. As I mentioned, it's finally summer here in Des Moines, so I could think of no better way to give these pieces a test run than with a quick mile jog. I grabbed my keys, slipped in my headphones, and off I went.

How did I go this long without wearing shorts on a run? I could feel the wind on my legs and the sun on my skin, sweat was being wicked away faster than my thick compression leggings ever could and I felt cooler overall. When I paused to check my sweat marks, I realized that there weren't any because I was now wearing featherlight fabric. Like the shorts, the bra showed little to no signs of sweat, boob movement was non-existent, and there wasn't any annoying digging in my shoulders or back from the straps.

Besides the functionality of the products, they made me feel good. I hit up a CrossFit class roughly three to four days a week and spend my off days running, biking, or going for a hike. Even with that amount of working out,I'm still pretty self-conscious about my body and hyper-critical of my flaws. I cannot overstate the fact that before, during, and after my mile run, I loved how I looked and felt in this outfit.

In fact, I loved it so much that I washed everything and tried wearing the pieces separately. I took the Doing Things Bra for a spin at one of my CrossFit classes where it stayed in place even through double unders. The shorts I paired with a cropped sweatshirt, my Teva x Outdoor Voices sandals, and headed out the door to hit up my local farmer's market!

If you want to get your hands on these ridiculously cute and comfy pieces, I recommend you scroll down to shop Outdoor Voices directly. They have a ton of cute seasonal shades in stock right now that are perfect for summer, and they're sure to go fast!

Doing Things Bra

Get It! Doing Things Bra, $65; outdoorvoices.com

Hudson Short

Get It! Hudson Short $55; outdoorvoices.com