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From sporty to fashionable, backpacks are a popular accessory for both function and aesthetic purposes. They’re easy to pack, effortless to carry, and can look great with any outfit. And with their status reaching new popularity levels, brands are making sure they’re as stylish and wearable as ever. Whether you’re gearing up for a hiking day trip or getting dressed for a day exploring the city, this list breaks down eight options so you can find the perfect pack.

Mini Backpacks

Small and fashionable, mini backpacks are the trendy alternative to carrying a purse. Their small size lets you pack your day’s essentials—like your phone, wallet, lipstick, and keys—and is comfortable to carry around all day. Plus, when you slip this purse over your shoulders, your hands are free for other activities, like carrying your coffee and morning bagel. Popular brands like Madewell and various designers are creating mini backpacks we’re majorly obsessing over.

Leather Backpacks

For a bag that’s durable and offers a timeless beauty, go for a leather bag. Whether you choose tan, brown, black, or a fun bold color like ruby red, these bags will stand out from the crowd and can last for years if properly maintained. Make sure to prep your bag with a high-quality conditioner and waterproofing spray if you’re going to be using it in the rain. Some leather backpacks come pretreated and ready-to-wear, but others you will have to do this process yourself. Make sure to check this before sporting your gorgeous new bag.

Canvas Backpacks

Possibly one of the most popular options for adventure or daily packs right now are canvas backpacks. Popular brands like Doughnut or Jansport are bringing back the historically loved canvas look and upgrading it with fun prints or minimalist designs like the popular roll top closure. Canvas backpacks are generally easy to take care of, but it’s important to look at the manufacturer instructions for your particular bag. Some canvas bags must be spot cleaned (often canvas or waxed canvas) and others, like nylon options, can sometimes be completely submerged in water for a good scrub.

Fashion Backpacks

With the ability to hold everything you’ll need for both work and evening fun, a backpack can be the ultimate fashion accessory. A classy leather or faux-leather bag goes with any outfit, a canvas bag with a fun print can add a pop of your personality to your attire, and fun accents like faux fur or tassels can take your outfit of the day to the next level. The key to choosing a fashionable backpack is to pay attention to the details. Unique zippers, studs, and high-quality materials are all options to make your bag a fashion statement in itself.

Backpacks for Travel

When traveling, you need a bag that can double as your personal item (that fits even the strictest of airline bag restrictions), hold all of your essentials, be secure enough to carry your personal possessions, and allow you to comfortable carry your things while walking through a new city or en route on a plain or train. It’s also a plus if it’s stylish enough to go with any outfit while out and about in fashion cities like Florence or Paris. A backpack that matches all of these criteria—like a classic and highly popular Fjallraven or a Herschel Supply Co. bag—is a travel must-have.

Backpacks for College

And to take us back to one of the most popular uses for backpacks, no college student’s wardrobe is complete without a cute and functional backpack. Books, laptops, notebooks, and snacks can get heavy, and carrying all of these things around in a tote bag can be uncomfortable and can even lead to shoulder or back pain down the road. A good backpack evenly distributes the weight on both shoulders for a safe and easy carrying process. These backpacks come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs so there’s a perfect one no matter what your personal style or carrying needs are.

Athletic Backpacks

Heading to the gym doesn’t have to mean giving up on style. Athletic backpacks like Nike or Adidas brand look great while carrying your gym gear, and can pair well with a work or day outfit as well for non-stop days. The key to pairing an athletic backpack with a dressier outfit is to go with a sleek, minimalist design in a neutral color.