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The Best Booties To Suit Your Personality

The perfect bootie is more than just a shoe. It is a fashion statement, a reflection of your mood, a wardrobe asset propelling you toward your greatest hopes and dreams - okay, maybe that’s a tiny bit of an overstatement. But a solid pair of booties will definitely complete the look you’re going for on any given day (which absolutely aligns with your personality). Whether you’re getting ready to dominate the work week or choosing an outfit for the perfect girls night out, there’s a bootie style that will match your mood so well, you won’t even need to consider any other shoe options. And maybe you’re feeling professional one day and adventurous the next, totally okay! Bootie styles are so incredibly unique that stocking your closet with a variety is hands-down justified and will make sure you’re ready for whoever you want to be.

For The Ambitious Girl Who’s Always On The Go: Classic Stacked Ankle Booties

The classic stacked-heel ankle bootie is every resourceful and easy-going girl’s dream. These booties go with any outfit, can be dressed up or down, and can hold their own against everyday wear and tear. Even better? These classy booties offer ultimate comfort that will last from your morning walk to work till your end-of-the-day glass of wine pour - and everything in between. With the ability to be worn year-round, these closet staples are guaranteed to work just as hard as you.

For The City-Chic Urban Goer: Wedge Booties

They’re edgy, they’re fashionable, and they’re comfortable as hell. Wedge booties give the same sexy height as heels without the delicate - and honestly sometimes super uncomfortable - tiny heel. These versatile shoes go with any outfit; pair them with jeans, a lace top, and a leather jacket for a sultry day-to-night combo, or switch up your dress look with a chic bootie pairing.

For The Girl Who’s Polished Yet Playful: Peep-Toe Booties

The peep-toe bootie offers the clean, elegant look of a classic bootie but adds a flirty twist. The hint of toe - sometimes paired with an open heel as well - tells the world you’re here to do business, but don’t take life too seriously. You have a playful, fun side that accompanies your class, and the two blend seamlessly into the unstoppable force you are. P.S. Don’t forget to give those toes some love before rocking this style.

For The Unstoppable Adventure-Seeker: Rain Booties

Girls constantly on the go don’t have the time to worry about their shoes getting ruined when that downpour strikes mid-adventure. Rain booties keep your feet protected and dry without sacrificing looks for function. With never-ending colors and styles, rain booties can be just as much of a fashion statement as your favorite pair of pumps. Still unsure of how to make these booties work with your wardrobe? Check out these seriously adorable rain boot looks - we dare you to not love every single one.

For The Girl Who Prioritizes Comfort Over Everything: Flat Booties

If wearing pajamas all day every day was a thing, you’d be living your absolute best life. Trust us, we feel the same. Cue booties so comfy you need them in your life ASAP. Just like styling your favorite pair of leggings and feeling like you’re absolutely winning the day, flat booties have little to no heel, making them so comfy you won’t even mind swapping your slippers for real-life shoes. Opt for a lined flat bootie when cold weather strikes for even more comfort.

For the Girl Who’s Creatively Charismatic: Cutout Booties

Cutout booties are one-of-a-kind - just like you, girl. Their unique designs set them apart from other booties in a fun and almost impossible-not-to-like way. Whether it’s large geometric designs cut out from the shoe or small, repeating patterns, the variety of cutout bootie designs is limitless. Rocking cutouts is not only popular with shoes, but it’s an immensely popular design trend with clothing as well.

For The Fearless Trendsetter: Bright Booties

Brightly colored booties aren’t for the faint of heart, but that doesn’t scare a confident girl like you. These eye-catching booties stand out from the crowd, creating a stunning bold statement that has been perfected by fashion icons like Hayden Panettiere. A fan-favorite for adding an irresistible pop of color to your outfit, a pair of bright booties in your fave color are a fearless trendsetter’s must-have.

For The Free-Spirited Fashionista: Fringe Booties

Fringe is the trend that seems to become more loved every year. Fashion icons are loving it for its versatility, and booties are no exception. Fringe booties show you know what’s trending in the fashion world and come in plenty of styles to combine effortlessly with your OOTD. Plus, there’s nothing quite like that liberating feeling that comes with walking down the sidewalk knowing how damn good you’re making that fringe look.