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Shopping, a Passion for Me

Shopping for groceries and other items can be a real test for me with my limited budget. Every week I take out a select amount from my account and try to buy everything on my list. My final outcome is always close with just enough money left over to put in a savings account for myself. Health and well being are my goals for a well balanced budget. 

Some parts of my life have been so much easier with a computer where I can look up recipes for the week and check out my monthly expenses that are debited automatically from my bank account. With all of the information given I can then make good choices for my meals of the week ahead. I think quality is the most important thing to consider when purchasing items that are sometimes costly but leave you feeling more satisfied about your meals and their taste appeal. 

Some items that I do not buy at the grocery store are margarine, cake mixes, ice cream, crackers, soups, puddings, cornmeal, bananas, oranges, pineapples, pie fillings, pizza crusts, waffle and pancake mixes, and many other processed items that do not have healthy ingredient lists. For me when I do not buy these items I am not missing out on anything. I make most of my meals from scratch and use only the best flours that money can buy. I also purchase pure cane sugar over normal white sugar that has twice the amount of nutrients and tastes better as well.

Most people would desire to buy a pumpkin pie from the store. There is no comparison to eating one with pumpkin from your own garden along side one that has been prepared by the in store bakery. People are always buying the ready made items to make meals simpler for themselves. This is because we are in a fast paced society that only cares about getting ahead and leave their health for another day. I think a person is not very original when they have to rely on a 5 minute meal that comes from the microwave rather than preparing something in the oven that would only take 15 minutes at the most to bake and in no time you are enjoying something that will give you a lift instead of pasty feeling that all processed goods leave on your tastebuds. 

Lets face it we are part of a tasteless society that has given their recipe books up for a quick fix that only satisfies them for a short while and then they have to eat something else to fill the void that is missing in their diets. This is why I only purchase whole grain foods that will give me the strength I need to make good decisions and feel good about them.

Shopping for one person such as myself will always be a challenge no matter what I have to eat at home or on the road. When I have found a good recipe I share it with others and give them the benefits of my good eating habits that they can pass on to others. Shopping for your food items should always be fun and never a chore.