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Show Off Your Legs

This is a post for the true recycler ... the dumpster diver ... the committed secondhand recipients ... How to update that old chair left over from your parents/husband/college days ... Truly the cheapest, quickest makeover yet!

(Note: we did not say neatest or fanciest, nor high style design ... but effective nonetheless!)

We had a couple leftover chairs in a vacation home that received lots of wear, and still held a bit of sentimental value. They were dated, but sturdy and useful ... then we spied a pair of scissors ... and we studied the chair ... scissors in hand … pondering what surgery we would do and how it would be done ... for we knew that the fussy-mussy heavy chair skirt must go! Clip, clip, clip ... Voila! A few (really several, as that 1970s heavy quilted, textured, polyester-based fabric was tough on a pair of shears, but we persevered and then ... a new (almost) designer chair!

So the moral of this chair story is: Don’t let a bulky skirt stand in your way ... show off your liberated legs ... go for gam glam ... well ... at least this is a great quick fix-up to hold you over till the next upholstery update!