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Simple Life

I was a single mom with a very good job; an office manager for a large company. Then 911 hit, I lost my job, and my beautiful home. A large five bedroom three bath home. At the time my grandfather was ill so I decided to move to the small town that he and my grandmother lived in.

Let me first tell you that before I would not have been caught dead living there but at this point they needed me and I had to find a smaller home. I have two daughter’s and thought they would be so miserable. But much to my surprise my kids seemed happy. I chose to buy a small rent house that my grandparent’s owned rather that have one built, which was my original plan. But due to seeing all my friends not only loose their jobs but their homes and cars also.

I couldn’t find a job anywhere. So I decided to go back to school. I wanted to go into the psychology field. I took care of my grandfather and did some remodeling on the home that I had purchased. My kids were used to the best of everything. I worried how they would adjust. But much to my surprise my youngest, the out-spoken one, came to me one day. I was sitting on the pourch enjoying my morning coffee. She came outside sat down beside me and said, “Mommy can I tell you something?” I said, “Sure honey, what is wrong?” She looked at me and said “Mommy I am so much happier here, we get to spend more time together and I don’t care about getting new things.” At this point I knew I had done the right thing. After being snubbed by what I thought were friends this little girl of eleven let me know I was doing a good thing. Now that the United States are in trouble again, we are okay. We have a small garden and we watch every penny we spend. And we havent lost a thing. My old circle of friends who once thought I was insane and would not speak to me are now in foreclosure and no jobs and they dont know what to do are in a panic.
What I am trying to say is living the simple life may not keep you up with the Jones but who wants to be them? Not me and not my children. So my message is: Your friends won’t help you keep your home and they won’t help you keep your job. Those who are smart will live to please themselves and not care about what people think. I buy only on sale and right now when this country is scared to death I can breathe and know I will loose nothing.