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Simplifying at Home

As we begin a new year, many of us have the desire to “simplify” as one of our resolutions.

One of the ways I’ve simplified is to use the same dinner dishes for everyday as I do for entertaining at parties or holidays. And not only do I use those same dishes for all occasions where I serve food, I use them for decorating every day. The beauty of this simple plan is that I can mix, match and use what I have no matter what the need is. It saves money, space and time! All things I always seem short on!

For the past ten years or so, I have pared down to having only white dishes. No more fancy china or holiday sets! I enjoy the freedom to accessorize with colored napkins and putting together more creative centerpieces rather than pulling out a whole new set of fancier dishes. I think this might also indicate that my lifestyle has settled into a more casual, comfortable and less fussy routine. My white dishes go with everything, and even if I decide I want to paint the dining room a new color, my white dishes will still work!

I love having glass cabinets in my kitchen. With my collection of all white dishes, I can have them stacked behind glass and they look pretty every day. I don’t have to worry about matching the room or coordinating patterns. My dishes serve two purposes; they add character and decoration to my kitchen as well as actually being used when it comes to mealtimes.

With my one set of dishes, I can even use the specialty pieces for multiple uses. A sugar bowl can hold anything from sugar in the kitchen to jewelry in the bathroom. A soup tureen can be a centerpiece one week and actually serve soup the next. My white pitcher can hold tulips or it can serve water.

For many years now I have also collected white serving platters. It doesn’t matter to me if they are pure white or off white, I collect them all. Some of them have pretty scalloped edges; some have a seashell design and some have a scroll pattern. Instead of stuffing platters in that dark deep cabinet above the refrigerator where I forget I even have them, I put them out where I can enjoy them every day! I hang them on walls or I stand them up with plate stands on my buffet or countertops. And when I need to serve brownies, a simple white platter is always handy to use for serving.

Striving for simplicity means I have less and use what I have creatively, rather than buying something new or storing a lot of options “just in case” I might need them someday. I have found that I don’t need fancy extras or multiple sets of dishes, I can get by very well with my simple white set!

What are some of the ways you are striving to live a more simple life?

Originally published by The Inspired Room