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Six Tips to Create the Life You Want

1. Shut down the computer
I know how easy it is to end up online for hours on end (especially for those of us who work online!), but to really embrace the life you want, you need to shut down the computer as often as possible. I find I have to be offline several times a week for many hours in a row in order to feel balanced. I make rules for myself about days I have to take away from the computer, otherwise I spend far more time online than I really want to. My family suffers, and so do I, if I don’t shut down the computer.

2. Create your dreams
What kind of day do you dream about?

A day of no interruption for reading? A day at the spa? A relaxing day on the coast or a night at a bed and breakfast? Well what are you waiting for?! If you can’t make those dreams a reality any time soon, recreate them as best you can. Life is too short to miss out on what you want out of it. You can make beautiful things happen TODAY on a shoestring budget with a little planning, creativity, and imagination.

Start planning something lovely for yourself. Yes, it takes time out of the day. That is the point. Spend time creating a the life you want instead of wasting it on things that actually drain your energy.

3. Don’t waste time feeling depressed over what you can’t do in life
Yes, life hands us lemons quite often. Life is hard and stinks sometimes. Instead of the “can’t dos” focus on what you CAN do! Let yourself be delighted by small pleasures that ARE accessible to you. Make a list of little things that could bring beauty to your day. Incorporate as many of them as you can.

4. Let go of the guilt
Why oh why do we feel such guilt over time spent pursuing the life we love? Creating the life you dream about is not frivolous or wasted time. Nor does it mean it must be “expensive!” On the contrary! If you spend too much money on it, you defeat the purpose. The purpose is to bring peace and appreciation for what we have, not create an additional burden.

Don’t feel guilty for enjoying life! Work hard, yes, but then know when to say “when.” Work hard, play hard. It works and both work and play are good (and necessary) in proper balance.

5. Strive for imperfection

Ah, yes, coming from a recovering perfectionist, I can tell you that this is one of the best tips ever if you struggle with perfectionism. Allowing yourself to fall short on purpose, knowing when to say “when” and knowing when you have achieved “good enough” are important parts of living the life you want, especially for the perfectionists. Your life will thank you for striving for imperfect.

A world of attainable beauty is opened up when we give ourselves permission to accept imperfection.

6. Slow things down and embrace a simple life
The world seems to spin faster every day. Only YOU can decide your pace. There are many options in life, but it would be far better to choose just a few things and embrace them fully than to try to be wonder woman in everything and not enjoy anything.

Originally published on TheInspiredRoom