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Small Budget, Large Lesson

As a child, I was always taught that you should never settle for less and always strive for more. Now that I am older, I try to keep this in mind but I have taught myself that there are just something things that have to be accepted and will never change. The thing that I have accepted the most is myself and the wonderful person I have become. The second thing I have accepted is my family. My family comes with many flaws but they have all contributed to who I have become. The third thing I have accepted but one day hope to change are my finances.

Growing up as a child I lived with my mother who was a single mother providing for me and my siblings.

Money has always been tight from the time that I was a small child until now. I remember always wishing that I could have been one of those privileged children born into money and not having to work hard for materialistic things but that didn’t happen. Now, I’m older and I know hard work builds character and makes you appreciate your own. I’m kinda of glad that Bill Gates isn’t my dad or I wasn’t in some deceased millionaires deed.

Then I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the concoction that was put together for dinner and laugh about it later or paying for gas in change and waiting for the store clerk to even cut here eyes the wrong way when she has to count all my change. My favorite is appreciating a good date at home because suddenly your to the end of the movie and are so shocked because that’s not how it ended the other five hundred times you watched it. I accepted the fact that I will never be a millionaire but for right now I am comfortable and happy. And being rich is something that doesn’t bother me one bit, because then I would never stop and realize the small struggles in life that make life so great.