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S’mores, that gooey concoction of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, is extremely popular. Consumed by children, teens and adults alike, it is one of the most popular campfire treats in the United States. But even with its popularity, few know how it got its name, or who invented it.

The name originated when happy campers asked for “some more” of the desert, most likely with their mouths full of it and being unable to speak correctly. Hence the gooeyness of it while in the mouth.

No one knows exactly who invented it, but most people give the Girl Scouts credit. The first documented recipe of the S’mores appears in the 1927 Girl Scout handbook and is credited to the Loretta Scott Crew. Whether, this troop had come up with the idea of the S’more or had seen someone else create this and tried it for themselves is a mystery.

S’mores have become so popular that stores have begin to sell the ingredients for S’mores on the same shelf and have began to offer coupons to save buying all three ingredients. They have become so popular that it has its own day, August 10th.

I’m not sure how to close off this article, so I will say Happy Marshmallow Roasting, Chocolate Melting, S’more-making day!