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Snicker Doodle Day

I got up early this morning and turned the oven on to 350 degrees F, and as I pulled my Ziploc bag of Snicker Doodle cookie dough out of the freezer, I was reminded of this last weekend when my daughter made up a double-batch of cookies. 

Freeze in Ziplocs
We love to make the cookies, roll them up into balls, spin them around in a bowl of cinnamon and sugar, and then freeze them in Ziplocs! This is the best way to have fresh cookies come out of your oven—in a snap! 

Bake for Your Family
What balls were left (for some reason, our family loves to walk by the refrigerator and secretly grab a frozen ball of cookie dough—and run!), I put on my seasoned stone and placed in the oven. 

Bake for others
My kids’ noses followed the scent down the stairs, into the kitchen, that early morning, to find cookies coming out of the oven. But little did they know, they were not for them

Dinner to a friend
I had pre-arranged to take dinner to a friend that morning, a friend who’d recently had surgery. Her family became the lovely recipient of freshly-baked Snicker Doodles, plus a yummy dinner.

How do I find time for others?

It’s just a way of life for me. Hospitality begins with me and it starts in my home. If I don’t do it, my kids will never learn. In this increasingly busy season of my life, hospitality rarely leaves my home—but if it does, it goes with me to take a meal, or cookies, or flowers, or sometime to someone in need, or for a quick hello. 

But even QUICK can make a big difference!