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Social Media Errors to Avoid

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, blogging … Most of us make use of social media every day. Sometimes, our interactions extend beyond the personal and into the workplace, and that can be a bad move! Yes, social media can play a positive role at your company, but we’ve got some mistakes that can spell trouble.

Having a public profile. This is many people’s first mistake: making their profile so accessible that anyone can easily find them. It is recommended you keep your profile private (or at least make use of Facebook’s various privacy settings), and only accept friend requests of people whom you don’t mind following you.

Being active during office hours. If you sit in front of a computer all day that has Internet access, it can be very tempting to check and update your Twitter and Facebook pages. However, unless your job requires you to interact with social media on a daily basis, it’s best you do so after five o’clock. After all, you never know who’s reading your two o’clock tweet when you’re supposed to be hard at work!