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The Stars Never Refuse to Shine and Neither Should We

We each have an unfulfilled dream, the one which lingers on in our hearts for months or even years.

Yet when the dream calls out to us, asking only that we believe in it, we waver as both fear and doubt overwhelm. We worry about how we can make it happen. We question our abilities and even our worthiness.

Yet in the process of questioning the dream, we forget.

We forget that it’s not about how to make it happen. For in asking how, we attempt to map out the journey before we’ve even taken the first step.

We forget that questioning our abilities or our worthiness is a waste of time. Manifesting our dream is never—and will never be—about either of these things.

Instead, we need to remember we never have a dream without also having the ability to make it come true. We need to remember that the very place from which the dream arises—which is from within us—also contains the energy needed to bring it forth.

And this energy, this power, is called love.

We need to remember that while our dream is the vehicle…what moves us from where we are now to where we want to go . . . it is love that’s the fuel.

In remembering this, we realize the call to live our dream is, instead, really a question, but one which requires we answer with an unwavering yes.

That question is simply: Are we willing to shine?