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Start Your Summer Garden Indoors

Dreaming of your summer garden? You may want to throw away the messy seedling trays for a better solution!

Although I love winter and enjoy the cold weather, I find myself missing the warmth of the sun and puttering in my vegetable and herb garden on a warm summer evening. I can’t live without fresh herbs, so to get through the winter I usually ended up buying them at the store. Having fresh herbs grown at home is ideal except that planting herbs indoors takes up too much room, is messy, and requires a lot of care. This year after doing a little research, I purchased an AeroGarden Pro 100 and started my indoor herb garden. My garden has been a huge success and has vastly exceeded my expectations. The quality of the plants and the powerful flavors of the herbs have enhanced my dishes and salads throughout the cold winter months.

Now that the shortest day of the year has come and gone and daylight hours are gradually growing, I find myself longing again for the garden in my backyard. This is the time of year when I pour over my seed catalogues and envision the tiny rows of seedlings planted in my new spring garden. Then my mind cycles back to starting my seeds indoors with the mess, the dirt, and finding a good place to put the seedling trays. Too many years I have sacrificed my dining room table for the good of my future summer garden! Well, not this year!

After perusing the AeroGarden Web site, I came across a nifty little accessory called a “Garden Starter Tray” which lets you start your seedlings indoors using your AeroGarden. What a great idea! No dirty mess, no large cumbersome seedling trays, and no more having to remember to keep the dirt moist. The reviews on the Web site for this product and my own freshman experience with my first AeroGarden herb garden have convinced me that this is the right solution for starting my summer garden. You use your own seeds and the instructions that come with the kit give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly germinate your seeds.

I can’t wait to get started and will follow up with another article once I have my “Garden Starter Tray” planted and growing. I can almost feel the hot summer sun on my back and the cool, moist soil under my bare feet!