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Starting Off on the Right Foot

A new job is always an intimidating experience. There are some important things to remember so that you aren’t in over your head on the first day. 

1. Show up early. Probably the most important thing is showing up on time. My roommate, Jon, reminded me of the saying, “If you are ten minutes early you are on time, if you are on time you are late, and if you are late you are dead!” Yes, a bit extreme, but nothing shows like you are not serious about a job like showing up late, so be early and ready to work!

2. Do your homework. Yes, you know you already got the job but when you go in on your first day and have a one-on-one with the CEO you will probably want to know a little history about the origin of the company. Come with questions so you can get any immediate questions you may have answered and out of the way.

3. Come overdressed. At the job I just started they told me jeans are not an uncommon sight; nevertheless I plan on being dressed up for a while. It never hurts to step up your professionalism and let your coworkers know that you take the job seriously.

4. Take initiative. The first few days of a new job are very much a transition time and your boss needs to continue their job while figuring out how to train you and make you become self-efficient. If you find yourself with some empty time it never hurts to shoot an email to your boss asking how you can help them, or begin working on a project you know needs to get done eventually. They will appreciate and recognize this initiative.

5. Don’t be shy. You are going to meet everyone at some point whether your boss introduces you to someone or not. While making your way through your new office your first day, remember to say hi to everyone you encounter and make an effort of understanding their role in the company; for all you know you could be working with them on a daily basis.

6. Be inquisitive. Do not be afraid of asking questions about anything and everything. Not only will this benefit you but it will also reiterate the fact that you are very interested in getting to know the company inside out.

Remember transitioning into a new job and role takes time. By using these tips and demonstrating a strong work ethic, you will be on the right path to a prosperous new career!