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Still Not Back in School and Wondering if I Ever Will Be ...

Hubby has gone back to school. At first he wanted to be a math teacher, but now he’s thinking of changing his major to theology. He’s been studying religion on his own for several years now, and he’s even discovered that he wants us to be Catholic. As his dutiful wife (and according to the Bible itself), I decided to follow him. However, I digress. This isn’t supposed to be about religion, but rather online college and whether or not I’ll ever get back to my studies.

I had originally started off as wanting to be an elementary school teacher, possibly teaching second grade. At the time, my daughter was heading into that particular grade, and when she finally did enter, I was amazed at her transformation from a little girl to a more grown-up little girl.

Unless you have children of your own and have watched them grow, it is quite difficult (for me at least) to explain the changes that occur when children are in school; they learn and discover the world and that there is something going on around them completely unrelated to them. Full-day kindergarten was the first step toward her becoming a person in her own right, and watching her grow and change was, as I said, amazing.

Second graders are an elite class, they know how to spell and write their names fairly well, they like to read and learn numbers, and can still be directed and redirected without getting all upset about it. They haven’t quite learned to talk back yet and are willing participants in sitting on the carpet with their classmates and will do just about anything you ask them to do, as long as they are finished with the other task(s) they have been given.

Again, I digress—so sorry. I am hoping to get back into school and continue my studies in psychology. This is my first love, actually, because I have always been fascinated by the human psyche since I was a little girl. Wondering what makes people tick, why they act/react to situations the way they do and what causes people to go crazy or off-kilter is something I want to learn, understand, and help people with (well, okay, children actually).

I want to help children become better adults; I want to catch those that have issues and get them the help they need before they get too old and too sick. There are a lot of children who aren’t getting proper nutrition or enough stimulation and generally aren’t safe in their own homes. These children are severely lacking in the most basic of needs in order to grow properly and become productive citizens and happy, healthy adults raising healthy, happy children in the generations to come.

So, I’m hoping to get back into this line of education soon, because I find that I’m missing it terribly. There are some financial things that need to be resolved first, and once those are taken care of, I most likely will be back in school, learning and growing my brain and on my way to becoming the psychologist I dream of.

Until next time,