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Stocking up to Save

With the price of many things going up recently, one of the next things I have heard of going up is clothing. The price of cotton has increased dramatically so that means that many clothing items will also cost more. 

So if you have room in your budget it may be wise to stock up on items when summer items go on sale now at the end of the season for next spring/summer. Also, when buying kids clothes you may be able to find deals at consignment stores and yard sales. If you watch the clearance racks at some stores you may be able to find items at stores for prices similar to used clothes prices. Especially, baby clothes and younger kids where they don’t wear them for very long it is easy to find clothes that look almost new for a fraction of buying them new.

This following is from a blog I follow, “I own a children’s clothing store in my local mall. As a warning, prices in the fall are going to be much higher at all clothing retailers due to high cotton prices. Gap, JCP, and Walmart have all issued inflation warnings. As an example, coats that I paid $12.50 for last year are $16 this year, WHOLESALE. Stocking up now is a good bet because next spring will likely be just as severe.”