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Storage Adviser: Getting Things in Order, One Step at a Time

In my quest for a more organized existence, I’ve realized that more gets done when I take on one small project at a time. This weekend, I decided to take on a familiar old foe: the sock drawer.

Inspiration for Closet-Space Ideas: Socks!
I’m sure you can relate to my situation. It started at the Laundromat. I had most of my clothing folded and placed neatly in the basket. All that remained was a mountain of socks to be sorted through. I tried to navigate the pile quickly, pulling out colors and patterns first, matching each sock with its mate before tossing it into the basket. Much to my dismay, and despite all of my efforts, three odd socks remained. I went back and checked both the washer and dryer, actually grabbing the tub and spinning it with my hand, sticking my head inside to make sure there wasn’t a sock clinging desperately to the top of the machine. I walked the perimeter of the Laundromat, keeping my eyes on the floor, searching for a stray sock that may have gotten lost in transit. I came up with nothing. With an annoyed sigh, I folded each of the three individual socks and placed them on top of the pile in my basket, and headed home.

Closet Organization Step-by-Step
Once everything else was put away, I decided to tackle the issue of the spare socks once and for all. Here is my process, broken down into a few simple steps.

1. Turn your sock drawer upside-down. In order to deal with the mess, you’re going to have to make an even bigger mess. Set aside any single socks, and toss out any socks that are stretched out or full of holes. These can make excellent cleaning rags.

2. Find your single socks a mate. No, I’m not recommending that you play Yente here. Go back through your pile of stray socks, and pair up what you can. Anything that is left over once you’ve gone through the entire pile can join the rags.

3. Get yourself some help. You don’t want to just toss your socks back into the drawer all willy-nilly. That’s part of how you ended up in this mess to begin with. Pick up some fabulous drawer dividers to keep things in order, or use a couple of small shoe boxes to line up similar socks. Separate them into groups: thin socks, thick socks, ankle socks, knee socks, etc.

4. Fold over. When you go to put your socks away, fold the pairs over together rather than balling them up. This will help them to last longer, and will also create more space in your drawer.

Organizing your sock drawer is just one small step in closet organization, but it can make a huge difference. I already feel less overwhelmed, having just one thing in order. I’m using my sock drawer as an inspiration to work on everything else. Next up: checking out my options for safe record storage.