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The Students of Tomorrow

As a student, I remember the first day of my Honors Humanities class in high school. The teacher told us that all students those days were pushed so hard to the extent that cheating scandals and lack of sleep had become serious issues in today’s society. He read to us an article in which students had anonymously volunteered past tactics that they had used to cheat. These ideas ranged from retyping the ingredients label of a drink bottle with test information to writing the answers on your leg and wearing a skirt to class. There have also been countless articles written about the lack of sleep haunting teenagers now and the unhealthy problems that come with such measures. Sure, the population continues growing, and yes, slots at college, graduate school, and even job placement have become increasingly difficult. But through the extraordinary sense of competitive spirit, we have left students of tomorrow feeling that if you do not score that perfect 5.0 grade point average, your future is destined to be doomed. The passion and the love that people once had for a particular subject or a particular career are now overshadowed by standardized test scores and the rigor of a school schedule.

I wish that I had realized the power of individuality sooner and the uselessness of stress and lack of sleep from studying when it would have made a difference in my everyday routine. The purpose of this article is to motivate not only students, but anyone who realizes the truth that comes with following your heart and living life once in a while. So we are not all Yale graduates, but is that what we really need to achieve in life to be happy? Never be afraid of failure and realize that trying to be the best that you can be is what will lead to greatness and success.