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Sugar High

Okay, enough with the candy already. I can’t believe how between Christmas and Easter I can consume so much sugar. If you have ever seen the movie Elf with Will Ferrell, he talks about the four food groups. “We elves try and stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.” With all the candy from all the holidays, I actually think I may give up sweets until Christmas. Not ... my sweet tooth is too big to give it up completely! But I do think I need to replace a few Peeps and jellybeans for some carrots and lettuce. 

As I think of my new relationship with vegetables, I feel like I am making a New Year’s resolution for healthy eating. This will be a positive change in my life (as I kick and scream). Growing up, I could eat whatever I wanted. As the big 4-0 is coming at me like a freight train, I feel like I could eat two carrots all day and still gain a pound. I have to come to terms with the idea that I can’t eat like I used to. The same rings true for organizing. If you have habits that allow clutter to pile up, a change in your habit needs to take place. The more you ignore it, the worse it becomes!

In trying to create new habits, be it organizing, eating healthier, or any other positive change you want to take place, you need to be more conscious of your choices. Being present in your life is a means to making new habits stick. When we just go through the motions in life, we are bound to the same in life. Change requires going through life with your eyes wide open and your mind in the game!

I have the following suggestions for making changes in your life that will stick:

1. Find the positive in the situation. I could feel angry and deprived that I need to pay more attention to my diet, but instead, I am looking at it with a new attitude. If I don’t embrace the need for change, no change will happen! I love the way I look and feel when I am eating well. The energy I have is endless. If you are trying to be more organized (or even get organized), find what you do that is actually working. Do you pay your bills on time? Do you always keep your keys in a certain place so that you always find them? When you start to see the good in what you are doing and see the good in what these changes will bring you, you will be more apt to maintain your new habits!

2. Make a game plan. If you don’t have a plan, then it is easier to slip into your old routine and habits and nothing will change! With better eating, I know I need to have my food somewhat planned for the day and week. When I am busy and hungry, I will reach for a quick fix and not choose healthy foods. If I eat about every three hours, and eat something well balanced, I will be successful in sticking to my plan to eat better. If you have a plan of action for your organizing, you will be less overwhelmed with the clutter and be able to tackle your disorganization day by day. This plan of action will help you focus on your goals and keep your mind in the game. Knowing what to do next is half the battle!

3. Be prepared for setbacks. Life comes at us pretty quick some days. If we are going through the motions, we are hit harder by the unexpected. Whether you have been traveling and find it hard to eat well or a loved one passes away and you inherit their belongings (not to mention the grief), the unplanned needs to be expected. I guess expect (and plan for) the unexpected. We are only in control of our lives to a certain extent. When you need to deal with other things in life, be aware that this is only temporary. Be aware that you can and will get back to your plan of action. I think most people, when the unexpected takes over, don’t see how or when things will get back to normal. The overwhelming feeling usually covers our eyes to our goals and we often give up. If you know your plan, can incorporate any thing into your plan, and be aware of potential setbacks, you will have an easier time getting back into the game!

With any desire for change, I look forward to the results, yet don’t always like the steps it takes to get there. I have clients who hate when I come to work with them, but love when I leave. In life, routine and habit make our days easier to handle. Creating new, good habits is not easy. For example, I love any sort of sugar junk food. I know I will never be able to live without it. The way I feel after eating a lot of sugar makes me miserable. But, oh how I love the taste! Cutting back and being more conscious will make this change easier. Knowing that the change is for the good will help us focus and stick with the steps you need to take for your desired results!

What change are you in need of? What steps will you take to make it happen? Share with me. Leave a comment on how you will or are living a little more aware of your habits!