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The Surefire Way to Grow Your Personal Economy

The big question is: how do you grow your personal economy? Even better, how can you do it faster and more effectively?

Whether you are in a job or in your own business, there’s really only a few tactical ways to make more money. You can:

  • Make your money go further by reducing expenses.
  • Increase your productivity by making things easier and using systems.
  • Provide basic staple products (food, clothes, shelter, etc.) that are economy-proof (or be in the system that creates them).
  • Help other people make more money.
  • Fail forward faster so you get to your next level of prosperity faster.

And all of these are valid tactical strategies … but there’s something underneath each of them that nobody really talks about that can sabotage any one of them. It’s the big secret that quantum physics is proving right now… that energy is what creates matter, including physical form.

What that means is that, over time, human energy can become layered or even clogged with dysfunctional patterns which express as sabotaging beliefs, behaviors and choices. So how do you grow your personal economy?
Get your energetic vibration aligned with your personal life wealth.

Most people pay more attention to their cars or vacations than they do to cultivating their personal energy. In fact, being responsible for your energetic vibration is as vital as breathing, and is easy as brushing your teeth, once you know how to do it. By cleaning your energy, you are giving yourself the space to receive the life wealth that is waiting for you.

Three Things You Can Do Today:


1. “Return to Sender” anything that doesn’t belong to you. That is, if you are carrying someone else’s energetic baggage, all you’re doing is wearing yourself out and sabotaging their growth opportunity. You really can’t resolve it because it’s not yours, so send it back by tuning into your energy in your mind’s eye, feeling what doesn’t feel right and saying out loud “Return to Sender”. What isn’t yours will go away, and what’s left is what you get to work on and learn from for your next best level.

2. Focus on the life wealth you really want. Generally speaking, it’s not the money that you want – it’s what the money will bring you. Pay attention to what you really want as a result of the money. You might discover that it’s security, or having straight teeth in your beautiful smile, or the feeling of refreshed vitality that comes from a good vacation. Focus on what you really want instead of on the money to enjoy true life wealth.

3. Notice what feeds you (and what doesn’t!). Your energy is your key to life wealth, and if you’re feeling good, chances are that all kinds of wonderful things are attracted to you ―new people, new opportunities, and new ways to show up in prosperity. Pay attention to what feels good so you can do and experience more of it. And also notice the energy drains so that you can address them. Energy drains show up as a messenger of healing; that is, the drains are asking you to work with your energy in a new way. Clear your energy drains and dance with what feels good to grow your own economy.

The bottom-line (pun intended!): your energy is the key to your currency, and aligning your life energy with what is positive for you is the strongest foundation you can create to grow your personal economy. Your economy is not dependent on what you read or see; rather, it’s on what you feel.