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Switch Hands to Un-Tangle a Coiled Cord

Have you ever had trouble with cords becoming tangled? Maybe it’s the hair dryer, maybe it’s the electric razor, or maybe it’s the phone charger. You know what happens you try to unwind it and it immediately coils up like a snake. My nemesis is my beard trimmer. After whopping off three days of stubble, I wind the chord up so that the appliance fits nicely back into the plastic box. After a while, the coils create a mess inside the box. This coiling affect also happens often with extension cords.

Here’s a simple solution to alleviating that coiling affect that I stumbled upon. It does require a little patience.

Take the cord and make a conscious effort to understand how you normally wind it up. Now uncoil it and switch hands. The hand you normally wind the cord up with becomes the holder, and the hand you normally hold with becomes the winder. Now wind it up.

The next time you go to unwind the cord; you’ll notice some of the coiling has left. Why? Because you wound it in the opposite direction, loosening the effect of only coiling in one direction. Do this several times and you’ll notice it starts to coil the other way!