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Taming the Inner Critic by Sheevaun Moran

Now that social media is at a place where you’ll find yourself on camera at some point or another you want to learn to clear and resolve that inner critic about the camera. I know I certainly had to and continue to have to do this.

I discovered that I have muted energy when using video and when someone is talking to me and asking questions I’m myself and animated. What is your energy like when you do use video?

Worried about how you look? Afraid to speak loudly? Afraid or concerned that you’ll look stupid? You become someone else. Worried about the camera because it adds ten pounds? Don’t want to watch yourself because of unconscious beliefs that you don’t want to see where parts are imperfect? Afraid you won’t look professional enough and the video will make us look like an idiot, embarrassed, ashamed and like you don’t know what you’re talking about? I could go on but there’s an energetic technique to use that will clear this.

The color of your clothes matters just as much as the color of your energy. Remember that most people can’t get away with black on camera but Steve Jobs does it regularly and it’s really about his energy. He’s excited, hyped, and enthusiastic and LOVES what he’s doing. The key thing is to tap your heart.