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Tap Your Values to Endear Client Loyalty

Two weeks ago I received a phone call that would forever change the way I thought about client loyalty.

It went straight to voice mail and the message was simple: “Hi Sharon, this is Richard. I wanted to call you personally and thank you for your order.”

As I listened, my mouth fell open. You see, this was a phone call Richard never needed to make; the mere fact that he had, instantly made me a client for life.

Richard and his wife, Kendall, train professional coaches in an elegant proprietary business-building system I invested in almost a year ago. I paid up front at their highest level of training.

To put it bluntly, they already had my money.

What’s more, the order Richard thanked me for was only for $30—and for material I can’t buy anywhere else in the world. Whether he had thanked me or not, he would have gotten my next order.

Yet he still took the time to call me personally.

When is the last time a training company called you out of the blue to thank you for an order? Chances are, never. And believe me, when it does happen, it’s something you never forget.

That simple outreach gave me such a feeling of appreciation, I want to give them more of my business!

The Natural Magnetism of Living Your Values
Richard demonstrated what it means when your company reflects your personal values.

I happen to know that Richard and Kendall both value connection. So they make a point of personally connecting with every person who makes a purchase.

It’s an authentic reflection of who they are as human beings. They have woven their values into the fabric of their company in a meaningful way.

You have the same rich opportunity to tap your values to create a more powerful connection with your clients. By sharing what’s important to you, you can foster even more prosperous long-term loyalty.

Do you value lifelong learning and wisdom? When one of your clients refers someone new to you, why not surprise your client with an inspiring book you personally select just for her? Amazon is just a click away.

Do you value transformation? Send your favorite clients a CD of your relaxing music so they can bring the transformational experience of your sessions home with them.

Do you value appreciation? Send a surprise card of thanks to three current or former clients today. Let them know from your heart how much they’ve touched your life.

Notice the theme of surprise. It’s the little things people don’t expect that make the biggest impact.

This week, take a moment to explore your own values. Then play with ways you can share what’s important to you with your favorite clients. It’s a small investment that’s deeply rewarding for everyone involved.