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Ten Things You Should Never Buy

Spending money is an inevitable part of life and there are essential items that everyone must purchase. However, sometimes people blur the line between what is essential and what isn’t necessary as sometimes there are certain purchases that appear to be necessary but aren’t.

Here are ten common purchases that no one should ever spend money on.

Disposable Plates/Utensils/Cups
Bite the bullet and buy actual plates, utensils, and cups. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will also keep extra trash out of the landfills.

Paper Towels
Instead of spending money on paper towels each month, buy a bunch of rags and dishtowels instead. Rags are washable so they can be used again and again. Paper towels have a one-time use. Again, this will save you money in the long run and keep unnecessary trash out of the landfill.

Bottled Water
Buy a Britta instead of water bottles. Britta Filters last about 6 months, the equivalent of around 300 bottles of water. As with disposable plates/utensils/cups and paper towels, by not buying water bottles you will not fill up the landfills and instead fill your wallet with some extra dough.

Gym Membership
If you buy a gym membership simply to use their stationary bikes or treadmills, you should be arrested. Buy a bike instead. Get outside and go for a run. If you want to do sit ups, push-ups, or pull-ups, do them in the comfort of your own home. Do not under any circumstances spend money on a gym membership.

Ziplock Bags/Saran Wrap
Instead of using ziplock bags or saran wrap to store leftovers, use reusable containers. Save money and keep extra trash out of the landfills.

Car Washes
Wash your own car. Yes, it may take you a little extra time, but it will save you money and chances are you will do a better job on it than one of those drive thru washes will do. Don’t be lazy; save some money.

Food Delivery
Food delivery services take advantage of people looking for convenience. Instead of having food delivered to your door, save an extra couple bucks and pick it up at the restaurant. Or better yet, just make your food yourself.

Basic Digital Cameras
All right, so this one is a little unorthodox. However if you own a cell phone, chances are your phone has a pretty decent camera on it. So why would you buy a basic digital camera when you can just use the one on your cell phone? By all means, if you want to take better pictures than a basic digital camera takes, buy an awesome professional camera with a telescopic lens. But don’t drop money on a basic digital camera if you already have a camera on your cell phone.

Precut Fruits and Veggies
Cut your own fruits and veggies. Precut fruits and veggies cost more than whole fruits and veggies. Don’t let laziness cost you money.

Lottery Tickets
I admit, playing the lottery is fun. The idea of winning millions of dollars is appealing to anyone. But let’s face it, your chances of winning are one in at least 18 million. Keep that dollar in your wallet; don’t spend it on a lottery ticket.

Save some money by avoiding making these purchases. Your bank account will thank you!