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Ten Uses for Wallpaper

I just got a wedding invitation that had a part made with wallpaper and it inspired me to dig through my storage of wallpaper scraps that I have saved to be used for small projects. You can also get damaged wallpaper for discounted prices, great for small and craft projects. You can also find small amounts of wallpaper from garage sales and second hand stores.

Without farther do … ten and then some uses for wallpaper.

1. Scrap booking and handmade cards.

2. Cut pictures out and decoupage furniture. Great for example with flower patterned wallpapers.

3. Wallpaper only the backing of a bookshelf to get nice pop of color or pattern.

4. Use wallpaper as framed wall art or as a matte for photos.

5. Book covers and journal covers. These make great gifts, which reminds me, wallpaper is great for gift wrapping too.


7. Lampshades.

8. Covered tissue boxes or shoe boxes to make additional storage that fits your decor.

9. Switch plate cover—just get a plastic switch plate and decoupage the wallpaper on it.

10. Make table placemats by laminating wallpaper. 

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