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Thank You! You’ve Said Enough

Have you ever sat in a meeting where no one agreed on anything? And someone made the suggestion that we get all our differences out in the open. Well, grab hold and buckle your seat. Sometimes suggestions need to stay in the box. Many team members use this opportunity to take some low blows to people they just don’t like. You’re always going to have that one person that feels like the whole world is out to ruin their life. For a few minutes you’re showing sympathy for that poor guy until he completely scale the wall. It’s like a tennis match; your neck can’t keep up with your head. I never can understand how a half-hour meeting can always turn into two hours for crying out loud. But it always does or longer. It’s like being in a Zoo with monkeys running wild. Then the insults start. It’s that one person that tries to keep everything in a professional prospective get the blows and insults. I’ve heard things like you think you’re the headchief of this tribe, or who died and made you overseer. Or if we needed your opinion, we would have called your mother. These are professional people with important positions, but behind close doors and off the records they are your ordinary run of the mill IDIOTS! Thank you very much. I’ve said enough.