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These Aren't the Followers You're Looking For

 Not getting followed back? It might be that your approach to Twitter is just not making you an appealing follow prospect. Have a look at five reasons why you might be lacking Twitterpeal … 

1) No avatar… The dreaded ‘Twitter egg’ suggests a temporary account and has become a warning sign of an ‘undesirable account’. You don’t have to upload a personal photo but any image shows that you’ve taken a little time and suggests a commitment to your account that most true spammers wouldn’t have. 

2) Your profile is empty… Empty profiles or profiles with one meaningless word (or even just one meaningful word!) scream ‘potential spammer’. Even if you just put “Mum of three, New York” or “Skateboard enthusiast with a love of The Monkees” anything is better than nothing! 

3) Your Twitter feed is empty… Everyone has to start somewhere on Twitter and it may seem very strange to just tweet into the ether but your Twitter feed, plus your profile, should give people a reason to follow you. Start following people but have a tweet like “New to #Twitter and learning the ropes” on your feed so there’s something to show you’re human. 

4) You’re following WAY more people than you’re followed by… Again, every new Tweep has to build up a following so no-one should shun you for only having ten followers but following 100. However, if you’re following 2,000 and only twenty people are following you back that could set alarm bells ringing. 

5) You’re being followed by WAY more people than you follow… Obviously this is the reverse of number four. You’ve followed someone but when they check you’re only following eighty people but have 4,000 following you. Hmm—will they find that you ‘unfollow’ them after a week to keep your figures low? Many high profile people on Twitter understandably have a very, very high number of followers but if you’re new to Twitter and building up a profile be careful about how picky you are. 

Remember—Twitter generosity can go an awful long way!