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Thoughts on the Generosity of the Business World

Generosity? Of the business world? I may have confused and confounded some of you with the title of this article, but stay with me. I’ve seen countless examples of people in business who are willing to extend a hand to someone who is just starting out, and draw that person into the circle. I’ve been on the receiving end of this type of generosity, in the form of experienced business people who were willing to mentor me when I was that brand-new kid on the block. 

This giving back also takes on the form of social consciousness in business organizations. Sarah Endline, the CEO of Sweetriot, writes eloquently on this subject, because her company is passionate about their “sweet movement to fix the world.” They start by sourcing cacao directly in Latin America and paying a fair price to the local farmers; using recyclable, reusable packaging which features emerging artists; and by only using all-natural, healthy ingredients for their dark chocolate “peaces.” 

Much like your organization and mine, they can’t solve all of the earth’s problems. They can, however, take their little corner of the business world and make it better. 

I recently had the great pleasure of participating in an annual event for a great cause. The 14th annual John Starks Celebrity Classic took place last month in Greenwich, Connecticut. John is one of my favorite examples of a famous athlete taking his success out into the larger arena of life, and serving others. 

Many of my professional and personal mentors and colleagues have their own passions for giving back, and I love hearing about them. Dr. Lois Frankel’s Bloom Again Foundation is a great example of giving in action. 

All of this giving and receiving is on my mind quite a bit these days. My media company launched our Web site,, this week. We’ve created a place for working women to come for answers on just about every subject that affects their careers and their lives. 

Building community among working women is a passion of mine, and I’m joined by an amazing team of experts, all of whom are there for one reason only: to reach out their hand and offer what they have to other working women. As our community grows, we all help each other in our respective journeys. 

We’d like to see you there. Wherever you are on your journey, there is someone about to make a similar leap. Whatever you can share about what you have learned along the way is going to help that working woman, so don’t let her down! Stop by, even if it’s just to let her know that you’ve been there, too.

Photo courtesy of WorkHerWay

By Carolyn Kepcher, CEO of WorkHerWay