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Three Costly Marketing Mistakes Most Therapists Make and How to Avoid Them

Even for hands-on therapists, effective online marketing is hands down one of the most effective ways to grow a practice. Yet having a beautiful Web site isn’t enough to bring new clients to the table.

Here are three mistakes that are likely costing you clients right now. Fortunately once you know what they are, they’re easy to fix.

Mistake 1: Having a Web site That Doesn’t Put Your Ideal Client First
I see this one all the time: Web sites that talk about the therapist and therapy, but only get to the visitor’s issues at the end ... if at all.

Remember, people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

Like the work you do, your web site needs to meet your potential clients where they’re at. When you speak first about the issues that are keeping them up at night, they’ll feel like you’re talking just to them. And they’ll stick around to learn more.

That’s why it’s critical to take the time to identify what your ideal clients are struggling with—and what they most want from your services. Then talk about those specific issues at the top of your home page.

Mistake 2: Neglecting to Offer Visitors a Free Gift for the Opportunity to Stay in Touch
You may think getting more traffic to your website is half the battle won. But most people who land on your home page won’t be ready for your services. So even if they’re interested, they’ll click away. Then you may have lost them for good.

Avoid that mistake by giving visitors a compelling reason to give you permission to stay in touch with them. Offer them valuable information on a regular basis ~ once a month at the least.

When you stay in touch you can earn their trust. And that builds fruitful relationships that bring in even more welcome clients.

Mistake 3: Not Having a Compelling Way to Get People You Meet to Your Web site
Do you connect with people in your community who would make perfect clients for you? If you rely on a business card to get them to your website, you’re missing out.

That’s why I always coach my clients to create a “Client-Compelling Article” to send to potential clients in the mail. It follows a step-by-step formula that demonstrates how well you understand your ideal client’s needs.

When your potential client gets your article, she’s not out and about where you met her. Instead she’s either at work or at home, and close to her computer.

Now that you’ve sparked her interest again, she can instantly visit your website and see what else you have to say.

Are you making any of these three costly mistakes? Make the commitment to correct them right away. You’ll multiply your marketing efforts—and they’ll pay off handsomely in more clients.