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Three Ingredients to a Tasty CranioSacral Soundbite

Imagine standing in your neighbor’s backyard enjoying an afternoon barbeque. You’re relaxed, an herbal iced tea in hand, and surrounded by friends of friends.

Life is good. Until somebody turns to you and asks, “What do you do?”

Suddenly you freeze, choke out a few words like “dural tube” and “fascia”—and watch in horror as your listener’s eyes glaze over and she glances away.

You’re not alone. Like most big-hearted therapists, you’re simply providing too much information too soon.

To keep from tumbling into that trap again, remember this: People don’t want a process. They want a transformation.

Which means they don’t really want to know what you do. They want to know what you can do for them or for someone they care about.

Make that connection with a tasty CranioSacral Sound Bite. It’s made from three simple ingredients.

1. The Patient
What kind of person makes a “perfect patient”? An ideal client for you?

You don’t have the time, energy, or resources to serve the entire world. But you do have a unique constellation of gifts, skills and strengths that are perfect for your ideal client.

Once you determine precisely who that is, add the second ingredient:

2. The Pain
What primary symptoms and conditions is your ideal client struggling with? What pain points compel her to look for your help in the first place?

Narrow your focus to the top conditions your ideal client thinks she’s struggling with. Then spice up your sound bite with the third ingredient:

3. The Potential
What benefits does your ideal client get out of working with you?

More importantly, what are the results of those benefits? What’s possible in your ideal client’s life when she’s enjoying the transformation CranioSacral Therapy provides?

Pain-relief may be a benefit. But a result of pain-relief might be her ability to garden or to lift her grandchild onto her lap to play.

Blend It All Together
For an instant CranioSacral Sound Bite, select the primary pain point, benefit and result your ideal client wants most.

Then combine the ingredients until you have something that sounds like this…

“I help children with developmental delays relax and refocus so they can catch up with the other kids in their class.”

“I help moms and their newborn babies release the stress of birth so they can bond and enjoy their new life together.”

“I help women over fifty relieve chronic joint pain so the second half of life is even better than the first.”

That’s the kind of transformation potential clients will invest in. And it’s the gift you hold in your hands.