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Three Steps to Finding Your Dream Job

How many of you finding yourself settling for a job you don’t like over and over again? You’ve either stayed at the same job for years or you’ve changed companies yet still found yourself unhappy in your work. The good news is that even in this economy, it is possible to find work that you are excited to get up for in the morning.

Answer the below three questions to help discover what a dream job would look like:

1. List three things that you have in this job or in past jobs that you do not want as part of your next job? (example: set working hours, a boss, excel work)

2. List three things that you have in this job or past jobs that you do want as part of your next job? (example: working with designers, travel, market research)

3. What have you not yet had in a job that you want as part of your next job? (example: facilitating large groups, writing, working from home)

Use the above questions to help guide you in your job search. Questions one and two are your non-negotiables when looking for a job.

For question number three, are there skills listed that you need to develop? Create a goal for each of these items. For example, if “writing” is something that you have listed, is there a writing course that you could take? If “facilitating large groups” is listed, could you sign up for “toastmasters”? For “working from home”, can you negotiate with your current boss to work from home one day a week?

Remember, what you do for work is a choice. Be intentional about what you choose to do.

To really set your intentions, write your goals in the comments section below so that you are held accountable for your them. Can’t wait to hear about your next steps!