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Three Ways Discovering Your Spiritual Contract Helps Grow Your Practice Naturally

I was thirty-three years old the first time I had my astrological natal chart done. It was a warm afternoon and I was sitting nervously on a plush couch in a stranger’s home.

“This is crazy,” I thought. I wasn’t even sure there was anything to this astrology thing.

Then Kelly Lowe, the astrologer, proceeded to spend the next ninety minutes walking me through every stage of my life as if she’d been living with me.

“How’d you know that?” I sputtered repeatedly.

“I didn’t,” she replied patiently, pointing at the paper she held that was crisscrossed with circles, mysterious symbols, and red, green, and blue colored lines. “It’s all right here in your chart.”

I became a believer that day. But more importantly, I felt liberated.

Finally, I understood why I did things the way I did. I could stop trying to be like everyone else and be myself without apology.

It’s as if I got permission that day to be who I already was. I let go of all the needless questioning of my life. And I began devoting my time and energy to becoming a better ME.

Did you know you have that same spiritual promise and opportunity in your practice?
Just as you were born with a unique soul purpose, so it is with your hands-on practice. Your business has its own spiritual contract with the world.

When you discover what that soul agreement is, you’re liberated to tap the well of your greatest gifts, talents, and strengths. And that’s when you’re able to become the best practitioner you can be—and attract more clients with ease.

Here are three ways that discovering the spiritual contract of your business helps you grow your practice:

  1. You Feel Far More Confident and Self-Assured. When you step into your purpose and your inner authority, you begin to feel like the expert you already are. It’s no accident that you’re doing what you do. You were born to do it. And your practice—your business—was designed to be a vehicle for your unique gifts. Own it! When you exude natural confidence, you naturally attract more clients and referrals.
  2. You Leverage Your Time and Talent Better. When you understand what you’re truly meant to offer through your practice, you can use that as a time-saving template to weed out all those other ideas that keep floating through your mind. When you focus your time, talent, and energy on fulfilling the spiritual contract of your practice, you’re able to create and offer more programs and services faster, easier ... and with far more joy.
  3. You Allow Yourself to Be Called Forward. Knowing your soul purpose calls you forward into the highest vision of who you’re meant to be through your practice. Yes, you’re a hands-on therapist. But as a therapist, you may be here to fulfill any one of a range of spiritual contracts. Your practice could be here to make heart-to-heart connections, make dreams come true, discover and share the gift of wisdom, or pioneer the discovery of our truth (That’s mine. :-)

... or to fulfill any one of the twelve spiritual contracts I help hands-on therapists discover.

Give your practice the natural energy and power that comes from your spiritual contract. And enjoy the freedom that comes from embracing your unique contribution to the world.

Sharon Desjarlais, CC, is an award-winning business and communications coach for CranioSacral Therapists and other light-touch practitioners who want to grow their practices with ease. Her signature CranioSacral Success System™ offers a proven 4-step protocol that strengthens your confidence and communication skills to fill your practice and fulfill your life purpose. Learn more at