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Time for the Family

After five years of grueling living, isolated, cold, and lonely, my husband working long hours, and suddenly having two little boys running under my feet, we are finally free. We managed to escape the constant renovations, being stuck inside as it rained for two weeks straight, the emotional strains of having few people to chose as friends and fewer with connecting mindsets.

I made a decision after going to hell and back in my heart and my head that we needed to leave this place if we were to survive as a family. It is the best decision I have ever made.

During this period of turmoil, I also decided I needed to take control of other aspects of my life and rediscover my free-spirit, my zest for life, my spark, my spunk, and my enthusiasm for being me. The only way I could see this coming true was to seek out a way to be financially viable and be with my children.

It had never entered my mind that I would work while my children were young. It was a given for me that I would be there, be at home with them, teaching, learning, painting loving every moment of their little lives. My mother told me when my first son was born

“Enjoy it while they are tiny. They are only small for such a little amount of time.”

This is the best piece of advice I have had to date, and I have passed it on to many friends torn between being a mum and being a superhero. Have you ever noticed that superheroes all have a dark and muddled side? To make the decision to be a mum and be proud of it really helps clear the mud.

But we still had the dilemma of needing money to live, to eat, to buy paper, and paint for my budding little artists. So I decided an online home-based business was the only way we would be able to have our dream of being together as a family.

When we left that place we were all exhausted, emotionally, physically, mentally. We slept for days and days at my parent’s farm as we recovered from the packing, the travelling, the organizing that is involved in leaving a place which was home for five years.

We have had three months now of being together as a family. We’ve had enough savings to get us through. Being together, the four of us, means we don’t need to spend money to be happy. Whether we are running around in the back yard playing chasies, or tickling each other in a pile on the floor, the best sound in the world is your children laughing and that is my motivation.

I have found a home based business that provides not only income and security working at my own pace, but my home is now a safer place for my children too. I have found my way of helping the earth stay healthy for my children’s children with sensible and safe products that use significantly less packaging and water, and I save time and money compared to shopping at the supermarket, (which I despise vehemently. Every time I have to buy groceries I loath the journey and every time I emerge with my shopping bags I exclaim exasperated, “Why do I continue to torture myself by going into those huge impersonal shopping spaces?”)

So I am enjoying the ride. I am loving being with my family and the dispersal of pressure to do too many things at once. I would love to share my story with anyone, mum or dad, out there who thinks this story sounds oh, so familiar. My dream is for everyone to live this dream too.