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Tips on Branding Your Online Business

Many boomer women are beginning to recognize the perks of owning an online business. They have discovered not only the financial freedom that comes along with being in charge, but also have learned to love the flexibility of entrepreneurship. However, many first-time business owners have yet to recognize the importance of branding their company or products on the World Wide Web. One of the greatest keys to success in any business is to make it likeable and memorable for those who might need its products or services.

For baby boomers just setting up a new business, establishing an easily recognizable slogan or logo should be one of the first priorities. The following points should all be considered before choosing the perfect symbols for any new business endeavor:

  • Keep the image or wording as positive as possible to attract new customers.
  • Make sure that the picture or phrase is not repetitive or trite.
  • Keep any symbols or phrases as informative as possible.
  • Make sure that any designs or slogans are truly memorable.
  • Work with a logo designer to ensure that the representative picture or slogans are timeless so that they will not become quickly outdated.

It is also important for business owners to consider how the actual branding will look on the various documents on which it will be printed. It should be small enough to fit on a business card or check without crowding the presentation, but large enough to make an impact on a letterhead or in an online advertisement.

Another aspect of branding that may not be familiar to all new business owners is the importance of color choices. Most national stores and manufacturers choose color combinations early in their development and work hard to make connections between these hues and their customer’s brains. Small business owners can do the same, and research shows that this marketing ploy really works. It seems that the following colors have great symbolic meaning to many consumers:

  • Pink is associated with romance, young girls, and romantic notions.
  • Orange denotes excitement, joy, and exuberance.
  • Green is often used for money, but it is also a good color for branding any natural products.
  • Red, chosen more than any other shade, is the color of intrigue, risk, and adventure.
  • Blue has peaceful, calming connotations.
  • Purple is the color of nobility and makes customers think of royalty.

Simple black and white can work well in branding some types of businesses because this combination is sophisticated and classy. In order to find the right color combinations, those beginning a new business should ask themselves about the type of image they wish to convey to the customer.

Remember that the words or images chosen to represent any company will hopefully live on in the minds of the customers for years to come. Taking the time to make right branding decisions in the early stages of development could make a big difference in long-term profits.

By Andrea Crouch for Not Just the Kitchen