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Tips for Buying Your First Car

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, there are a lot of things that we need to consider. But when it is your first car, there are a lot of things that are less important than if you were purchasing your ninth car. Most of us want certain options in a vehicle that make you comfortable and have certain conveniences. When purchasing a first car, the most important thing that should be on the list is safety and affordability.

All too often when someone purchases his or her first car, they want it all. But if you have never owned a vehicle before, you don’t know what costs are associated with maintenance and repair.

First vehicles should always be practical, whether new or used. Choose a vehicle that you are comfortable driving. If you don’t feel comfortable driving a vehicle that is high off the ground, don’t purchase an SUV or a truck. The same holds true if you don’t like driving vehicles that are low to the ground. Choose a type of vehicle that you are comfortable driving. Comfort and safety, whether some of us believe it or not, do go hand in hand.

You can get a lot of bang for your buck purchasing a used vehicle. Don’t be afraid to consider a used vehicle over a new one. They both will serve the same purpose. Always review the Carfax report, though before making a decision on a used vehicle. Most dealerships will offer a free report, but if not, it will be worth the small investment to purchase the Carfax for the vehicle you are interested in. 

Consider what you are going to be using the vehicle for. Are you going to be using the vehicle just to go back and forth to work and an occasional drive to the grocery store? Are you a road tripper who likes to go on a lot of scenic drives? Will you be driving in stop and go traffic or on the highway more? This is where practicality comes into play. What might be practical for one use may not be for another.

Knowledge is the key to everything. Always research any big purchase that you are planning to make. No one looks at a house from the outside and says, “I want to purchase it.” We have an appraisal done and a home inspection. Most look at a lot of houses before making a final decision. This holds true for car purchases as well. Test drive multiple cars before determining which vehicle is best. Always visit CarTango to research vehicles. This Web site will help you narrow the best cars suited for you and will make the car shopping experience fun! Once you visit a dealership, be sure to ask lots of questions!

Make certain you can afford the vehicle you are going to purchase. Don’t jump on something just because you like the way it looks. The last thing anyone needs is to buy something and realize later that they can’t afford it. The only thing that will result in is a black record on your credit report and you possibly having your car repossessed.

Assess your needs, wants, and financial situation and ensure you are making a decision that you can live with. Check out the Financing link on, as well. Being informed of your financial situation and what you can afford comfortably is key to be happy with your car purchase.