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Tips to Find the Right Job Fast

In these economic times finding a job is complex enough, but even now we want to find the right job and as soon as possible. Job search is a process, a job in itself that well managed can be productive and relatively fast.

The first thing to remember is that the best jobs out there might not be advertise on typical job boards we are use to see. Think about this, if you are a company and have an open position which has great working hours, salary, and benefits, and if the individual in charge to fill this position has other people working for him/her and knows personally some other professionals that can pass the word of this great opportunity, the question is how long and how many interested parties will appear under the rocks in a record time? Let me tell you, not too long.

We define this process as networking; you have to exist in the recent memory of others so they will think of you the moment they hear anything. It’s a fact that anywhere from (depends where you get your numbers) 60 to 80 percent of individuals acquire the best jobs through some kind of networking.

Regardless of your level and experience in the food chain you can benefit from being present or practicing networking. A common mistake is to think that to be able to network well you need to know the right people at the right companies, of course that won’t hurt either.

Let me say that if you know the presidents of leading companies and they owe you their lives, you would not be reading this. But most of us don’t have that set up. Most of us are like you. We have some friends, family, and some co-workers we know.

Where you make connections and with whom? Easy! Anywhere and everybody! Let me illustrate this point by giving you a real life example: I had a client, John, who recently had been laid off from his company after eleven years. My first advice was: don’t take it personally, keep positive, healthy, and look forward. One the things he started doing to keep healthy was jogging every morning around his neighborhood. After a while he wandered off around other neighborhoods. One morning, during one of his runs he saw a gardener having some difficulty picking up a big bag of mulch. He approached him and helped him. They struck up a short conversation. Since you don’t find too many people to talk to at 10 a.m., he went on relating his recent layoff and that he worked with computers. The gardener listened and responded that the owner of that house he was working for owned some kind of computer-related company. Of course John acted interested in knowing more. The gardener proceeded to explain that it was a great guy and that he knew him for many years and suggested to John that he should talk to him. John quickly wrote the info down and the gardener promised to mention him to his employer later that day.

Well guess what? John called and, as they say in the movies, that was the beginning of a long working relationship. Bottom line, you never know where or with whom it will come from. All you need to do is relate and develop relationships. Remember; everyone knows somebody and/or something you don’t.