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Tips on How to Take Care of Your Car

We all know that car is one thing we always need in our daily life. It always help us in everything we do. From business and personal use. So we should always take good care of it. Here are some of the tips that I personally do in taking care of my car.

1. First of all always remember to check your engine, tires, and break before using. Usually cause our life become busy we always forget to check out cars before we leave. Always check the tires and break before you leave the house. Break that don’t work while driving are always the number one reason of accident. Always make it assure that you always bring an extra specially if your going to travel. Its better to have extra tires so that you can have something to use just in case you get a flat tire.

2. Always clean your car. A well clean and maintain care give a good performance. Wash and clean the outer part of your car depending on how frequent you use it. If your use it everyday and always drive in a muddy and dusty road i guess you should always wash and wipe the body and tires of your car. Don’t forget to clean the interior part of your car too. Vacuum your seat and carpets twice a week or everyday if you like or have time. Wipe the dashboard and other interior part of the car that become dusty. A good grooming car always give a good appearance to anyone who see it.

3. Have a fully engine check up once or twice a day. If you know something about engine you can check it yourself of hire an expect. I always remember what my father told me that one of the important part of the car is the engine. Make a fully cleaning of your car engine if ever it’s necessary.

4. Don’t forget to use a car polish every time you finish washing your car body. One thing good about using a car polish is that it protect your car paint from the Ultraviolet ray of the sun that may affect your car paint. And it also give your car a good and sexy shine.

5. Maintain cleanliness inside the car while driving. I observe that some busy people always bring cup or drinks inside there car and its always an accident that they will pour it all over the carpet of even on there self while driving. Most car have a build-in cup holder  so use it. Actually that’s the purpose of the cup holder DUH! Having a box of tissue inside your car always help you in maintaining the cleanliness inside your car. Put a small trashcan inside your car too.

Taking good care of your car will give you good advantage. If you have a good maintenance with your car. It will perform good and will use less oil. Plus don’t forget to drive safely. Remember were not the only one who will get hurt if we have an accident. The people who is driving with us and the people who is on the street are in our hands. So we always need to be careful and alert whenever we start our engine and drive. Always remember that the car is just a machine it is our responsibility to take good care of it. I hope this few tips will help some of you in maintaining your cars.