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Today’s Consumer

I work in the great and wondrous world of retail and I am trying to figure out how it has become my fault people have to spend money. People are nasty and act like I made them come there. 

At Christmas time they are made because they have to buy for those they either never see or just plain can’t stand. If they would just put the Christ back in Christmas things may seem different. They buy on impulse instead of thinking things through. They eat poorly and shop just as poorly. I work a nine-hour shift almost everyday and I am very cranky by the end of most but to not fault of my own. The people I work with want to get paid for doing nothing and the consumer wants to pay little for everything. I love the field but the people are driving me crazy. 

A good way to make people sweet what I mean is to give an example: Snow over 12 inches on the ground I drove 25 miles or more to get to work and it took me one hour and 15 minutes to get here, they are all bitchy and it is my fault they are in a hurry. I risked my life for them. Wow what a great gal I am (not). 

Just because our world does not have their priorities straight it is not my fault. I have mine straight and I think it’s about time people work up so please remember yes without the consumer I would not have a job but with out people like me your shopping experience could be really bad. 

So wake up people we who work in the great and wondrous world of retail not only have to put up with the nasty mean consumer but the ungrateful corporate America. Always smile at your cashier or deli girl and say hi, it really does make our days easier.