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Tongued Before We Shook Hands

Between Facebook and my email list I have been bombarded with requests that border on threats to join this free call or that free call on how to change my miserable life and guarantee an unheard of income. Vague hints of being left behind from the financial freedom through Multi Level Marketing opportunities are packed into each email. They vary the format, trying to tempt me with not so subtle remarks about what I am missing.

After years in corporate sales and management consulting, the one thing I know is that selling ANYTHING is a conversation. You have heard the old adage, begin as you mean to go on, right? Well any conversation that starts with the tone of most these emails is not a conversation I care to have. These offers use Neurolinguistic Programming (brainwashing) and proven methods for frightening people into action because the brain overestimates loss which is why advertising leans that direction.

Having enjoyed some measurable success in sales, I know for a fact that educating yourself about what someone needs and then sharing with them how you can answer it plus pointing out why you are the best choice is the way to relationship sell. This means, you start a conversation that might actually be enjoyable and worth prolonging. The goal isn’t to “Seagull Sell” where you swoop in, raid their food, drop your load, and then fly off.

In most business opportunities I figure the best I will be treated is in the beginning, much like dating. So if the relationship starts off manipulative, what does that say about their product or service? You don’t have to coerce to sell, and sell volume, if you have something you really know is the “answer.”

Which is why I laughed so hard when my new acquaintance was talking with me and mentioned that these pitches felt like he’d been tongued before even shaking hands. A rather graphic and apt description for what has been happening, don’t you think? So until I see a pitch that tempts me with a conversation far different than what I have been seeing, I say NO THANKS to the tongue of a stranger. 

Originally published on TruthinHand