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Too Busy? Quick Tips to Tone It Down

It seems like everyone is far too busy. Too many things going on, places to be, details to remember, things to do.

When we are busy to the point of exhaustion, we lose touch with who we are and what is important to us. We are on automatic pilot and don’t have time to think about what we want or what would make us happy. We just go-go-go onto the next thing without another thought.

Are you wondering if this busyness is “normal,” or if things are too complicated in your life?

Check your reality against this list.
Answer True or False to the following statements.

1. I don’t sleep at least seven hours every night.
2. I can’t remember the last time I took at few hours just for myself, for fun.
3. My calendar is regularly double or triple-booked.
4. There are items on my to-do list that have been there for several months or longer, and I am showing no signs of making progress on them.
5. The last week was such a blur that I can’t remember what I did or who I saw.
6. I have a good list reasons why “I don’t have time to exercise.”
7. I can’t imagine sitting quietly and doing nothing for ten minutes.
8. I regularly forget or miss an appointment or am frequently late.

If you answered True to more than one of the previous statements, your life may be too complicated. How are you holding up?

Are you ready to tone things down, and take a more relaxed approach to life? Do you want to get more in touch with what really matters to you, instead of running on automatic pilot? Start here.

Try these tips to slow down and give yourself some wiggle room.

1. Say “no” to one thing every day.
2. Leave work at work.
3. Ask for help—don’t do it all yourself.
4. A few times every day, take a moment to take a few deep breaths.
5. Make time to go to bed early at least once a week.
6. When you cook, make extra. Leftovers are a quick and easy meal for tomorrow.
7. Throw away, recycle, or donate the things you don’t need. Clutter in the house creates clutter in the mind.
8. Schedule time in your day to sit quietly, even if it’s over the morning coffee. A few minutes to yourself will set an even tone for your day.

Every day, pick one or more of these tips to tone down your life. Slowly and surely, things will simplify. In the long run, small changes like these, taken every day, will help you find more spaciousness and room in your life. This leads to happiness and greater fulfillment, and who doesn’t want that?